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Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Harassment Statement (Written under Instruction)

August 27 2008

By Bob Fiddaman

This is a statement regarding the person who has been harassing me for sometime now. He is a regular poster on UK Survivors. To have your name associated with a known pedophile, to be labeled a benefit cheat and racist on a public forum and to also have images of myself stuck on a cartoon then labeled a 'Date Drug Rapist' is downright disgusting. This sad individual has now created a blog about me. He has now posted my address on this new blog he has created. So what do I tell my children when they come look after my place when I am not here?

A few people on UK Survivors have joined in with his harassment of me... they are as guilty of abuse as what he is.

I actually fear for my safety now because this individual has made some vile accusations about me and by posting my address online he has possibly made me and my children the target of low life's out there. He has also now started targeting friends of mine and posting on various forums throughout cyberspace.

Posts by this man on UK Survivors that relate to me have been logged.

He still continues to post on his new blog and in UK Survivors.

He claims that I liked a parrot sketch with my image on top - he is mistaken. The actual post made by someone else in UK Survivors, that I did like was of two parrots with an image of my face on them. I saw no harm in it.

The image I did not like was of a parrot with my image as the head that was preceeded with the headline 'Evidence Proves Date Drug Rapist Pirate Bob Molested Parrots' - This message has since been removed from UK Survivors. The person in question either removed it because he knew it was defamatory, The Group Moderator either removed it or Yahoo Groups moved it.

The individual continues to post about me on his new blog and on UK Survivors.

Both West Midlands Police and the Police Service of Northern Ireland [PSNI] have been informed.

Statement Ends.

Bob Fiddaman

Author of Seroxat Sufferers Blog

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