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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Calling Korean Workers - Glaxo Want to 'Help' You

Glaxo are on the look for volunteers from the Korean workforce whom are suffering with panic disorder. They touch on 'productivity' being important to employees as they seek the Koreans who, I would imagine, are pretty much in the dark about the dangers of taking Glaxo's 'wonder pill'.

This is Phase IV of Glaxo's study.

Interestingly, Glaxo do not want any volunteers whom are a current homicidal or suicidal risk.

Makes you wonder why doesn't it?

Maybe Glaxo know paroxetine can push depressed people over the edge and don't want another lawsuit hanging over them?

I feel for the Koreans. They have a great work ethic and if something comes along to improve the chances of employees being able to work despite having a 'panic disorder' then they will embrace that opportunity.

I suspect there will be many Koreans wondering why they are shaking, sweating and having electric like sensations rip through their body in years to come. Meantime, Glaxo will yet again reap the rewards and deny that paroxetine has anything to do with the adverse reactions.

Mark my words Korea, you have some dark days ahead of you if you let GlaxoSmithKline push paroxetine onto your unsuspecting public.



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