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Saturday, August 23, 2008

‘The medication had to play a part in it’

Source: Pinedale Round Up - Newspaper of the Upper Green River Valley

BY: Stephen Crane

Many in this community are still in disbelief, struggling to understand what happened to one of their own, one of their sons. For weeks, people rode the rollercoaster. They awaited word of his whereabouts. They assisted in the search. And they were plagued with questions in the aftermath.

These are questions not easily answered – daunting questions without a simple reply. But Carole Richie has been asking them. Her son’s death demanded it.

“Anybody who knows Garrett knew that this was not Garrett,” Richie said. “And the medication had to play a part in it, because he was so outgoing and had his life planned out, everything planned out. And this is something that just went wrong real quickly, in a matter of hours.”

She found Garrett Bardin’s prescription bottle of Paxil while the search was still ongoing, and the discovery gave her pause even then.

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