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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Members of Parliament

Two days ago I emailed well over 100 Members of Parliament. I urged them to read information on this site and other sites doing the rounds on the internet.

I set the emails up with a read request, basically confirmation that they had read my mail.

As yet, the only responses I have recieved have been auto responders and quite unbelievably 4 Members of Parliament deleted my email without reading it.

In a week or so I will be naming and shaming those Members of Parliament who deleted my mail without first reading it - I will aslo highlight the constituency they control.

The whole GSK/MHRA debacle is a national scandal, it seems Members of Parliament have more important issues and couldn't really give a toss if these two powerful corporations quite literally get away with murder.

Members of Parliament are voted in by YOU. It is their duty to deal with issues you present to them. They can continue to ignore the bigger issues if they so desire, they can continue to ride the 'gravy train' and claim their expenses (Which comes out of the pockets of you and I).

Through research we have learned that there are certain MP's who hold shares in Glaxomithkline - there are more than likely other MP's who hold shares with GSK but have not declared that fact. Believe me, WE WILL find out and they will be brought to task.

The lack of silence coming from the Houses of Parliament sickens me to the core. It's high time this 'gravy train' was stopped and these MP's were reminded just WHO voted them into power and what they were voted in for.

To find your local MP and to email them, click HERE

There are two Members of Parliament who deserve a mention here for taking this issue seriously. Both Stewart Hosie MP for Dundee and Paul Flynn MP for Newport West have been supportive of our campaign.

Now get this...

WE know that GLAXOSMITHKLINE recently wrote to 'certain' Members of Parliament urging them NOT to sign any Early Day Motions regarding GSK.... hardly suprising is it that my emails are being ignored by the very same people we put our faith in when it comes to local elections.

This whole thing leaves me with a really bad taste in my mouth



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