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Friday, August 05, 2011

Irish Hound Sniffs Out Paper Trail of Dr Harry Barry [Ireland]

Irish doctor, Harry Barry

Irish hound Leonie Fennell has been sniffing the paper trail left by Irish doctor, Harry Barry.

Leonie, whose son, Shane, took Cipramil [US Brand name - Celexa] for just 17 days before killing himself and another young man, is causing a bit of a stir within the dark walls of psychiatry in Ireland. Last month she was sent two letters from Brophy Solicitors who were representing their client, Patricia Casey [Psychiatrist]. Apparently Casey took umbrage to what Leonie wrote on her blog,

Today, Leonie has made some startling associations between Irish GP and author Harry Barry and Lundbeck, the manufacturers of the antidepressant Cipramil.

She has also made me aware of Lundbeck's "Mental Health Barometer” - Here's the blurb straight from Lundbeck:

Lundbeck Mental Health Barometer has researched Irish peoples’ attitudes towards depression, anxiety and mental health as well as the stigma and misunderstanding that pervades in this area.

As specialists in psychiatry, Lundbeck is committed to education and raising awareness through the provision of information which will enhance the perception of people living with mental health issues in the community.

The Barometer shows us that friends and family would listen and be sympathetic to someone with depression, but still view the GP as the best person to provide assistance. However, most people still find it difficult to discuss depression with a healthcare professional.

This research also confirms there is still a lack of understanding about depression and mental health in Ireland. In order to remove the stigma of depression we must undertake to educate about it – what causes it, who is affected by it and how it can be overcome. Only by bringing this conversation into the open can we hope to bring about real understanding of this condition.

I used to have an old weather barometer...that was never accurate either!

Her post and her announcement that she is to meet with Lundbeck officials, can be read HERE

In the meantime...

There will be a fair amount of cloud around for most places to start Friday morning. This will be breaking though and so some bright or sunny spells will be coming through for most. There is the risk of a few showers over western Ireland.....




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