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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

UK Civil Unrest - Is It Time For the Army To Step In?

Image: Daily Mail

Three nights of violence, looting and civil unrest in London, surrounding areas and other parts of the UK and the coalition government have called for an emergency meeting. Great, superb - sorry to spoil your holiday Mr Cameron.

Earlier this year the coalition government announced plans to cut the police force by 34,000. Last night, in London, the police called for reinforcements - reports claim they were given an extra 300 or so officers. Whoopy Doo!

What we have here is civil unrest, this has nothing to do with the shooting of Mark Duggan a few days ago. It's opportunistic youths who have seized their chance to take what isn't there's, to act out what they play on games consoles.

The TV pictures show us young children roaming the streets, God only knows where their parents are...or if they even care.

There have been many arrests overnight, most will be charged and bailed only to appear in court at a later date and given a fine [that they can't pay] community service [that they won't do] or a slap on the wrists. Our prisons are full to the brim, the likelihood of sending these yobs to Her Majesty's hotels is pretty slim - the yobs know this.

I understand the youth have grievances with the establishment, I understand that they don't wished to be tarred with the same brush by the police force, I understand they want respect. It has to be earned.

There has been a strong call for the British Armed Forces to intervene. I envisage they will have to wrap cotton wool around their weapons and any 'plastic bullets' will be exchanged for bullets made from marshmallows.

Meantime, local businesses are losing their livelihoods, property is being damaged and police officers are working 17+ hour shifts, armed only with a shield to fend off the bricks and bottles thrown at them.

So, what is the answer? Do we all sit around tables and work out our differences? Do we acknowledge that there is a problem policing the UK or do we strip the police 34,000 officers?

Last night youths approached the lines of officers, they goaded them. Why? Because they could. To make an arrest would see, at the very least, a couple of officers pulled from the front line - the endless hours of paperwork to secure a prosecution that would more than likely end up in a slap wrist is utterly ridiculous.

There are some quarters calling for national service - no thanks. I would much prefer people in the army and not animals.

It's time to flex the muscle - send in the army, let them do what they are trained to do. Someone only has to break wind in Belfast before the water cannons and plastic bullets are called for, why are we any different?

The Home Secretary, Teresa May, has claimed we don't need water cannons or the assistance of the British Army. This video suggests otherwise.

Rant over.




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