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Sunday, October 09, 2011

Addiction to Disorder

Addiction to disorder, sounds like a title to a movie or maybe the name of a Gothic band. It is, in essence, a new proposal by the field of psychiatry for the updated version of The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders [DSM]

You will no longer have an 'addiction', you will have a 'disorder', a mental disorder that these wacky white-coated men believe to be treatable with a whole host of psychiatric drugs.

“Substance abuse” and “substance dependence” will, from 2013, be deemed as “substance use disorder." So, in essence, if you are a suffering alcoholic or you are addicted to a street drug or even glue, you will have a disorder rather than an addiction.

The genius of this scam [because that's what it is] is the "addict" will be told his/her addiction is officially a mental disorder. Start with the hard street drugs and the alcohol and, more than likely, refer patients to see a psychiatrist if they have nicotine addiction...sorry, I mean “substance use disorder."

Yes folks, your addiction is a neurological dysfunction, a brain disorder, because the field of psychiatry said so. Don't fret though, those wacky buffoons [because that's what they are] can treat your neurological dysfunction with drugs [their drugs] that, of course, carry no threat of addiction... ahem, sorry, I mean “substance use disorder."

The update version of DSM-5 will feature a section titled “Addiction and Related Disorders,” which will include “substance-use disorders”—for example, “alcohol-use disorder” and “cannabis-use disorder.” Lumping dependency [addiction] into one treatable "illness" - That's the genius of the DSM, the Bible of psychiatry, the promotional book of pharmaceutical drugs that are being touted for 'diseases' invented by lunacy.

The DSM has, since its conception, steered away from the word 'addiction'. Jed Bickman [AlterNet] writes:

The change from the word dependence to addiction comes after long disagreement over the terminology. Dr. O’Brien said that “dependence was what went into DSM-IV, but only by one vote,” adding that subsequent research has shown that this decision was a “significant mistake” because dependence typically refers to physical dependence, which can exist even in drugs not normally abused—for example, people who are on opiate-based painkillers may develop a physical dependence, even though they are taking the drugs exactly as prescribed. (Even certain antidepressants can cause a physical dependence that results in symptoms of withdrawal when stopped abruptly.)

This change is also based on statistical studies showing that essential difference between abuse and dependence is one of degree rather than kind. The old AA truism that “You can’t be partly alcoholic any more than you can be partly pregnant” will no longer hold. Under the DSM-5 diagnosis for “alcohol use disorder,” you can be “moderately” or “severely” addicted.

Will patient information leaflets [those slips of paper inside pharmaceutical drugs] also change their wording, will they now state that your withdrawal problems to their product isn't an addiction or dependency problem, it's an "antidepressant use disorder"? I doubt it - One, apparently, cannot become addicted to 'their' drugs, one can only become addicted to the street drugs, the alcohol, tobacco, caffeine etc. How would one treat antidepressant use disorder... more antidepressants or antipsychotics?

I was alarmed yesterday during a phone conversation with a friend of mine. She has successfully tapered off Seroxat, it took her, like me, the best part of two years. A week before her last dosage drop [1ml] she went to see her doctor because the withdrawal experience was horrific. Sadly, her doctor was away on a call so she saw another doctor at the practice. Upon hearing her story of withdrawal he offered her another SSRi because he diagnosed her as being "anxious". I do wish I could have been there with her to explain to this quack how utterly ridiculous he was. My friend declined his offer of another SSRi - Why would she take a drug that had given her the problem in the first place anyhow?

The 2013 version of the DSM is yet another example of the field of psychiatry having their cake and eating it, it's an invitation to a picnic where Lucy is in the sky with diamonds and Marshmallow pies are eaten [force-fed] by the white-coated buffoons with kaleidoscope eyes from the Funny Farm.

Source: Armed With a New Definition, Addiction Enters the Healthcare System - But Not Without Resistance




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