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Monday, February 13, 2012

DSM 5 - "silly, worrying and dangerous"

When I first saw the proposals for the DSM-5 I thought that they'd never get these through, I, wrongly, assumed it was just a bunch a whacko psychiatrists seeing just how far they could go with inventing illnesses - Hey, the majority of the public bought into the ADHD and bi-polar inventions so why not go that extra mile?

"Oppositional defiant disorder" pretty much targets the whole of earth's children population. In a nutshell, pardon the pun, if a child say's "No" when you ask it to perform a task and then it say's "No" again when you reiterate what you want doing, then it has Oppositional defiant disorder.

I use the term "it" because the DSM appears to disregard the fact the children are actually human-beings. Anything that you and I did as a child is now deemed as a mental disorder. Normal behaviour is the new mental disorder, given fancy names and even fancier drugs. The authors of the DSM-5 robustly defend their actions - isn't defending one's actions a case of Oppositional defiant disorder?

Over 11,000 healthcare professionals, mainly from the US, have signed an online petition calling for the DSM-5 to be halted. The DSM authors don't want it halted, they are saying "No", they are being defiant.

I hear cries of "good grief", soon to be renamed "bad grief" because that's what the authors of the DSM tell us. Grief isn't normal any more, it shall now be deemed as a mental disorder. It's wrong to grieve the loss of someone, sure it's okay to miss them and mourn them...but only for a certain amount of time. Get over your loss, move on because if you don't you will be labelled as having bereavement-related depression.

Here's a scenario, 12 year old decides to hang themselves, it was on medication at the time of its death. Its parents are devastated. The initial shock of losing it and burying or cremating it goes on for longer than what is normal, their bereavement has moved into the phase of mental disorder, it's now bereavement-related depression and needs to be treated with the very same drugs that it was taking when it suicided 7 months previously.

I don't know about you but I feel The DSM-5 Mood Disorders Work Group are individually clinically insane or maybe just driven by the fact that the more illnesses there are to treat, the more drugs there are to prescribe - keeping their profession intact and secure for years to come.

The DSM-5 Mood Disorders Work Group are no more than heretics who are fast running out of ideas that promote pharmaceutical wares. Their delusions are worringly scary. With 11,000 of their peers opposing their proposals they continue, in their defiance, to stand their ground.

SFFFD - Separating Fact From Fiction Disorder can be thrown in their direction. It basically means someone with the inability to grasp reality.  The DSM-5 Mood Disorders Work Group have this in abundance, its like a cancer that has been slowly spreading over the years. Sadly, there is no cure for it.. it's a terminal disorder that is contagious amongst the medical profession and pharmaceutical industry. Patients are at risk of falling into this disorder by watching too many pharmaceutical TV commercials and/or visiting their doctor. It's a chemical imbalance caused by too many dine and dash lunches, cupcakes and tickets to the game, not to mention those freebie trips to hotels.

If I had my way, I'd disband the DSM work group, or at the very least restrain them as I believe that it is they who are a danger to the public.

The DSM-5 Mood Disorders Work Group are not a normal section of society trying to help the abnormal, they are the mentally ill finding ways to treat the normal.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is the equivalent of giving an arsonist a book of matches and a can of petrol.




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