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Friday, July 27, 2012

Greg Thorpe GSK Whistleblower and the 'Dark Knight'

GSK's Andrew Witty. What was his role in 1997/98?

One of the recent UK GSK whistleblowers, Greg Thorpe, is letting off some steam on a UK newspaper website.

I'm trying to reach out to Greg for an interview for this blog. He, it appears, has much to say about Sir Andrew Witty, CEO of GlaxoSmithKline, in the comment section of the Yorkshire Post article, "Glaxo admits ‘mistakes’ over US guilt"

Just in case Glaxo's highly paid lawyers feel the need to put pressure on the Yorkshire Post, I have added Greg's comments below:

Someone over there ask Sir Witty, VP in marketing at the same time, app. 1997-2000, what his role was in all this blood money. He calls it echoes of the past, another era, another company yet he was there. Did he participate ? Did he know ? What did he know ? Why did he not come forward ? Why won't he answer these questions, seems logical....whether he was involved or not. I blew the whistle, I was tossed out after 24 years with the company.

I was terminated and retaliated against for the last 11 years. The law demands that GSK pay double back pay, reinstate me..or pay front pay, plus pay for the horrors they have put me and my family through for the last 10 plus years. GSK covered up their conduct, got caught and now Witty is "sorry" ? Yes, actions speak louder than words.....this "changed" company, who should reward me for coming forward to them with the marketing schemes, now wish to use their "blood money", to deny me my rightful compensation. They took 11 years from me and my family suffered. I was blackballed in the pharmaceutical business. In the meantime Witty was "knighted". Well Sir Witty, now you are making me fight you in Court for what you owe me. GSK is huge, but you will not break me. So from now on, when you say you are sorry, tell the whole story, not just your filtered version. Appoint me as your compliance officer, I am well qualified....No GSK has not changed, they intend on shooting the real messenger that tried to change the company.....again. Nice try Sir Witty, tell the whole story the next chance you get...Sincerely Thorpe the "commoner".


Oh yes, and you Britts must read my Complaint, and see the exhibits, you can find it online...Thorpe v. GlaxoSmithKline.
Quite the story...3 billion dollars, hmmmm.


Oh and Sir Witty, where does the buck stop, the charges went all the way until 2010, You were CEO , "ECHOES OF THE PAST ? '".....Then your thousands of attorneys, here in the states, threw Avandia into the settlement.Nobody knows how many thousands died from that drug.

Avandia killed my own mother, do you want her picture, her medical records, or maybe some of her ashes, a reminder every day that when you hide clinical data, someone dies.....she is one of thousands. Who is going to jail ....any recommendations, SIR Witty ?

Your attorneys sneaked that drug into the settlement without my knowledge. A scam period, my own mothers life was worth a thousand times the small amount you paid on that. You are "sorry", well maybe a little hard time in a U.S. prison would clear your conscience. I am sure your cellmate, BUBBA will turn your "knighthood" into the "knightmare", your changed squeaky clean company, GSK deserves. A knight ? Please.


Back story about GSK's Knight HERE.

Greg, if you are reading... let's Skype.

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