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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Andrew Witty Becomes Chancellor of The University of Nottingham

Glaxo Chief, Andrew Witty, Sir Andrew if you please, has been installed as the new Chancellor of The University of Nottingham.

Witty, who graduated from The University of Nottingham in 1985 with a BA in Economics, said, “I am honoured to become Chancellor of this great institution, which, alongside my parents and my school, I would credit with having made me who I am. This is a unique and special way for me to give something back.” [Link]

There was no mention of the £12 million donation toward the construction of new research laboratories at the University that Glaxo made last year, the largest single donation the University have ever received. [Link]

No mention of Witty's role in the Wellbutrin/Zyban debacle [Link]

No mention either of Witty refusing to speak with patients harmed by Glaxo's product, Seroxat [Link]

The photo's below, courtesy of uonottingham Flickr photostream, have left me wondering how the parents of kids who died by Paxil induced suicide would feel today if they could see their kids prosper at university.

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