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Friday, May 02, 2014

Stevie Young Hooks Up with AC/DC in Vancouver

Stevie Young (right)

AC/DC are a huge part of my history, hence the reason I tend to post about them every now and again on this old blog of mine which is, in the main, a blog regarding the dangers of antidepressant medications.

A few weeks ago there was speculation surrounding the future of AC/DC after it was reported that Malcolm Young, rhythm guitarist, was too ill to continue playing.

Speculation has been rife regarding a replacement for Malcolm although it was pretty obvious, to myself and many hardcore Acca Dacca fans, that there could only be one replacement.

Stevie Young (nephew of Angus and Malcolm) stood in for Malcolm on AC/DC's 1988 tour of North America. At the time, Malcolm needed a rest.

Stevie, it appears, has now joined up with Angus and the rest of the band (minus Malcolm) in Vancouver where they will be entering the studio to record a new album.

I saw Stevie Young many years ago in Birmingham. The Starfighters, whom Stevie played rhythm guitar for, played a set at Romeo & Juliet's, a nightclub in Birmingham. I remember it well as the band distributed free singles at the end of the gig.

Late last night a photograph (above) was being circulated around the social media network sites that showed Angus and Stevie sitting together.

Brendan O’Brien, who produced AC/DC's 2008 album, Black Ice, will be producing AC/DC's new album.

Here's a taster of Stevie Young at work, ironically this is the single The Starfighters gave away when I saw them many years ago in Birmingham.

Good to see a Brummie living the dream.

Best of luck Stevie.

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Bob Fiddaman.

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