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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Mental Disorders Are Contagious

I've found proof that mental disorders are contagious.

It's a shocking revelation, I know.

But as a writer, who is pretty much against the use of psychiatric medications, I feel I must relay this information.

I've trawled through hundreds of case files and found a common link that unquestionably proves that mental illnesses are contagious.

I'm surprised this has not been picked up before.

You see, it's quite simple really.

Take 100 patients with varying degrees of social problems ranging from financial worries, sexual problems, relationship problems etc.

Take 100 psychiatrists with varying degrees of clinical experience.

Each patient visits 3 different psychiatrists.

Patient 1 sees 3 different psychiatrists. He/she is diagnosed with 3 different mental disorders.

All patients are diagnosed with brain diseases, some have more diseases than others.

100 patients, who remember just had social problems going on in their lives, each now have a mental disorder or a number of brain abnormalities.

Each illness has been passed on by their psychiatrist.

Ergo - Mental Disorders are contagious.

Signs that show you may have been contaminated.

Keep a lookout for:

1. Various forms of paraphernalia dotted around your psychiatrist's office that advertise pharmaceutical products or companies. Things like mouse-mats, cups, umbrella's, writing pads etc.

2. Check your prescription, if it has the brand name of the drug then it's highly likely that your psychiatrist is a carrier of a mental disorder.

3. Carriers are often in denial. If you question their diagnosis they will talk down to you and tell you not to believe everything you read on the Internet.

4. Carriers often stutter and blush when you ask them for evidence of the mental disorder they have labelled you with.

5. Carriers are often invited to drug company presentations (also known as symposiums). Ask your psychiatrist if they have ever attended any such event.

6. Carriers often tout the chemical imbalance theory. They claim you have one that is causing your mental disorder. Ask them for proof of this, if they can't show you then they have more than likely been infected with a mental disorder themselves.

7. Carriers often play down the risks of the drugs they prescribe you. Ask them...

If the drugs are addictive.

If the drugs can induce homicidal acts.

If the drugs can induce suicide or suicidal thoughts.

If the drugs can increase psychosis.

If the drugs can increase birth defects.

If they answer 'no' to any of the above then the likelihood is that they have been infected.

8. Carriers often suggest that your mental disorder is in your genes. Ask them for scientific proof of this. If they stall, stutter or blush then, chances are, they have been infected.

9. If you are a woman who is pregnant carriers will suggest that your mental disorder will be passed on to your fetus if you do not treat your brain illness. Ask them for scientific proof of this. Refer to # 4.

10. If you spot a copy of The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) then it's highly likely that your psychiatrist has been infected.

All we need now is some sort of immunization.

No drugs just plain common sense.

Steer clear of the psychiatrist's office.

Bob Fiddaman.


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