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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Michigan Prosecutor Just Can't Let It Go

Michigan prosecutor, Kym Worthy, has, according to appealed the case against Maryanne Godboldo (pictured above), the Detroit mother who tried to protect her daughter from the damaging side effects of the psychiatric drug Risperdal and prevent her child from being snatched by someone purporting to be a Child Protective Services worker.

In 2011, Godboldo had criminal charges against her dismissed by 36th District Court Judge Ronald Giles. Godboldo had been accused of firing a shot into her ceiling after a stand-off with the Detroit Police Department who had been called to Godboldo's home after a Child Protective Services (CPS) worker had turned up to remove Godboldo's daughter because Godboldo has stopped giving her Risperdal, an antipsychotic drug.

Judge Giles dismissed the charges against Godboldo stating the court order that was used by CPS to try to gain entry into the home invalid.

The prosecutors appealed the ruling and Godboldo found herself back in court again in 2014. Once more charges against her were dismissed, once more on Judge Ronald Giles ruling.

Because no court order was never produced Godboldo did what any parent would have done - she protected her daughter.

In the 2014 appeal Judge Ronald Giles considered the gunshot Godboldo allegedly fired to be a "warning shot" and said it was not aimed at police officers.

He went on to say that Godboldo had the right to use reasonable force to defend her home against an unlawful entry.

So, two failed attempts by prosecutors.

Now, it appears, they want to try [for a third time] to prosecute Maryanne Godboldo!

If you ask me Maryanne Godboldo should be given some sort of human rights award... oh, hang on...

So, why is Wayne County prosecutor Kym Worthy (Pictured above) appealing the decision [once again] of Judge Ronald Giles?

In 2013 Worthy told members of the Wayne County Commission Public Safety Committee that there are nearly 40 known murderers, 180 child abusers and up to 150 sexual predators freely roaming the streets of Detroit and Wayne County. She added that she doesn't have staff members to investigate the cases and secure warrants. [1]

Hardly surprising seeing as she and her office seem hellbent on securing a prosecution against a mother who was making an informed decision on the drug prescribed to her child and a choice of whether or not to open her door to someone (that could have been) masquerading as a Child Protective Services worker.

I'm left scratching my head here. Here we have a woman who makes a decision to take her child off a medication because the said medication was causing an adverse reaction. Next we have some lickspittle turning up at the home to take away the child because they deem her to be in danger if she doesn't take her medication. At no point was Godboldo shown a court order by the lickspittle so she closed the door of her home. Next thing you know armed police surround her home. Confused, frightened and probably frustrated Godboldo fires a warning shot into her ceiling. She's dismissed of all charges yet a prosecutor wants to, it appears, put a feather in her cap by trying to prosecute Godboldo again!

The only crime [unproven] that Godboldo could be charged with here would be one brought by some spider society, claiming that the bullet she fired into the ceiling killed a spider.

It's just absurd that Prosecutor Worthy complains to Public Safety Committees that she doesn't have staff members to investigate crimes of murder and child abuse yet wishes to pursue what appears to be a vendetta against a mother who was protecting her child from a drug that was causing an adverse reaction and a lickspittle sent out to take her child from her.

Maryanne Godboldo continues to fight her corner and meantime a blog created for her, Justice For Maryanne, picks up momentum.

In a Sept 16 post author the 'Edgyrl' wrote:

Kym Worthy has appealed Maryanne’s case – AGAIN. This is the 5th time that the Prosecutor’s office has appealed Maryanne’s criminal charges. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Every time Kym Worthy enters an appeal – it costs Maryanne money to pay her lawyers to file an answer and appear in court for her. This is harassment! Call Kym Worthy’s office and tell her to STOP pursuing Maryanne Godboldo. The STATE has done enough harm to her and her daughter. It’s time that they were left alone to heal from the abuse they’ve already suffered at the hands of Kym Worthy’s office, the Detroit Police Department and CPS since BEFORE 2011.

Justice for Maryanne Godboldo Facebook page has also been created here.

A Twitter page can be followed here.

Mental Health watchdog, CCHR International, have been following the case of Maryanne Godboldo since 2011, articles can be found here.

Bob Fiddaman


[1] Wayne County a national laughing stock, says Prosecutor Kym Worthy

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