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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Rock or Bust - AC/DC New Album

Regular readers, family and friends will know that I'm an AC/DC nut.

Speculation has been rife regarding the name of their new album, rumours have been flying around, which is customary for AC/DC.

However, it's now official.

Today they announced the name and release of their new album.

Rock or Bust was produced by Brendan O’Brien and will be released on 1 December. It will be the band’s first album not to feature Malcolm Young, whose role on the album has been taken on the record by his nephew Stevie.

AC/DC have also announced that founding member Malcolm will not be returning to AC/DC.

I first saw AC/DC in 1979, Stafford Bingley Hall - the ticket was just £4 and they were being supported by, a then unknown band, Def Leppard.

How times have changed.

According to various media sources the album features 11 new tracks, the first track from the album, "Play Ball", is to be revealed on September 27 on US TV channel TBS, in association with Major League Baseball.

Bob Fiddaman

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