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Thursday, October 09, 2014

Apathetic Attitudes and Antidepressants

 The Creation
By determining where Abraham fits into history chronologically and adding up the ages provided in Genesis 5 and 11, it becomes apparent that the Bible teaches the earth to be about 6000 years old, give or take a few hundred years. [Source]

This has NEVER been proven.

Cave Drawings

The artworks are in a rural area on the Indonesian Island of Sulawesi.
Until now, paintings this old had been confirmed in caves only in Western Europe.
Researchers tell the journal Nature that the Indonesian discovery transforms ideas about how humans first developed the ability to produce art.
Early artists made them by carefully blowing paint around hands that were pressed tightly against the cave walls and ceilings. The oldest is at least 40,000 years old. [Source]

Below we can see evidence that substantiates these claims [Fig 1]

Fig 1

People, despite this obvious flaw in the Bible and its teachings, still purchase copies of the Bible and live by its teachings. The Bible has reached millions of people the world over. In fact, we now know that the earth is millions of years old, at least 4.5 billion years.

The Chemical Imbalance and Depression

During the 1990's Americans were submitted to heavy marketing by the pharmaceutical industry by the means of  television commercials for antidepressants that claimed that depression was caused by a “chemical imbalance” of low levels of serotonin and which could be treated with “chemically balancing” antidepressants such as Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil, and other selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs). [To source this one only has to read a patient information leaflet that accompanies the various SSRI's on the market today]

The Myth

"No biological etiology has been proven for any psychiatric disorder in spite of decades of research. Don't accept the myth that we can make an 'accurate diagnosis.' Neither should you believe that your problems are due solely to a 'chemical imbalance.'" - Edward Drummond, M.D. Associate Medical Director, Seacoast Mental Health Center, Portsmouth, NH
"After a half-century of research, the chemical-imbalance hypothesis as promulgated by the drug companies that manufacture SSRIs and other antidepressants is not only with clear and consistent support, but has been disproved by experimental evidence."  ― Irving Kirsch, The Emperor's New Drugs: Exploding the Antidepressant Myth
"There is no chemical imbalance to begin with, but when treating mental illness with drugs, we create a chemical imbalance, an artificial condition that the brain tries to counteract."Dr. David Healy, Psychiatrist, psychopharmacologist, scientist, and author
"The actual truth about a chemical imbalance is that it’s an actual lie. Nobody has yet measured, demonstrated, or created a test to show that somebody has a chemical imbalance in their brain. Period."Thomas Stephen Szasz - Psychiatrist and academic, a Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association, a member of the American Psychoanalytic Association, a professor of psychiatry at the State University of New York and starting in 1990, he was professor emeritus of psychiatry at the State University of New York Upstate Medical University in Syracuse.

People, despite these findings, still continue to take antidepressants because they are told by doctors and psychiatrists, and the pharmaceutical companies that their depression is caused by a chemical imbalance. Moreover, healthcare professionals, including family doctors and  adult and pediatric psychiatrists continue to prescribe antidepressants to millions of people the world over.

The Apathy

When the teachings of the Bible were proven to have flaws we saw little interest. People world-wide shrugged their shoulders and said "So what, we will never fully understand God's way, after all, he is mysterious. I still believe in his work."

Can you imagine the headlines 2,000 years ago?

How would the people of those times reacted?

Well, I guess with apathy, the same apathy that is shown by millions of people when they read the same thing about the mythical marketing of antidepressants and depression. "So what, we will never fully understand how the brain works, after all, it's complex. I still believe antidepressants work."

I've often wondered why churches, whatever their domination, refuse to speak out about the harm antidepressants cause - One church does, for that they are ridiculed and labelled as 'nutters' or 'brain washers" - This being the Church of Scientology.

For the record, I'm neither a Scientologist or attached to any other religious denomination. Point I'm making is one party speaks out and the other parties ridicule.

Coroner's Inquests

AntiDepAware is a website created by a friend of mine. 'Brian' collates newspaper archives of coroner inquests, he has amassed quite a database.

What Brian tries to do is create awareness where the coroner fails.

Here's just one recent example of Brian's...

15-year-old schoolboy George Werb died near his home in Colyton, South Devon, on Friday June 28 2013, when he was struck by a train.
George’s father Justin told the inquest held this week that George first started to become withdrawn about 18 months before his death. He began to have delusions that he was suffering from ailments and diseases, but had to wait 10 months until his first appointment with a Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) team member. He was diagnosed as suffering from psychosis involving persistent delusion disorder with depression.
George was initially prescribed the anti-psychotic drug Olanzapine, but Justin explained that they noticed a “massive change” in their son from the point he started taking the medication. George became extremely distressed, and the medication was discontinued.
George’s parents were subsequently advised that he needed hospitalisation to ensure his safety and for ongoing assessment and treatment. The closest hospital with availability was 220 km away at Huntercombe Hospital in Berkshire, where George was prescribed the antidepressant Fluoxetine (Prozac), after which he became suicidal and withdrew from the drug.
George’s parents were dissatisfied with the hospital and with George’s treatment there, and removed him after three weeks.
After returning home for a short period, George was sectioned and, in the month before his death, was admitted to the Priory, Southampton, 140 km from home.
Here he was treated by psychiatrist Dr Carlos Hoyos. He was once more prescribed Olanzapine and, at first, placed on one-to-one observations. Over the course of the following weeks his observations were reduced and his medication regime increased.
George’s mother Joanne told the inquest that, days before he died, she read a note by George expressing his worry about the effect that his medications were having on him. She said that she told Dr Hoyos about the note and of George’s desperation to come off Olanzapine.
She said: “We did tell him that George was suicidal. But he did not want to discuss it. He was just adamant George stay on the dosage he was on and start with the Fluoxetine. We felt he had not listened to what we had tried to say to him.”

George, at the tender age of just 15, walked in front of a train after being released from the Priory.

Antidepressants and Suicide... and Apathy

The issue of suicidality on SSRIs became one of public concern with reports in 1990 that Prozac could lead to suicidality in patients.

Fourteen years later, warning labels were put on antidepressants.

We still have those same shoulders shrugging today then those of fourteen years ago. We still have doctors and psychiatrists prescribing these medications, ignoring the findings.

Ironically, Psychiatry does not see religion as a mental disorder. If a Christian, or any other religious follower, told a psychiatrist that he believed the earth was just over 6,000 years old then his treating psychiatrist could not diagnose him/her with any delusional mental disorder.. yet a 15 year-old child, who had a slight case of hypochondria, is prescribed mind altering drugs that are known to induce suicide.

And we, the general public still shrug our shoulders.

Something is radically wrong with the human belief system.

Bob Fiddaman.

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