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Saturday, January 03, 2015

ADHD - Market Challenge - Unknown Etiology

A market report carried out by TechNavio analysts predict that the Global ADHD Drugs market will grow at a rate of 5.33 percent over the period 2013-2018.

The 80 page report, if you are financially well off, costs a staggering $2,500 to purchase. The report covers...

The present scenario and the growth prospects of the Global ADHD Drugs market for the period 2014-2018. To calculate the market size, the report considers the revenue generated from the sales of various therapies used in the treatment of ADHD, which include:
TechNavio's report, the Global ADHD Drugs Market 2014-2018, has been prepared based on an in-depth market analysis with inputs from industry experts. The report covers the Americas, and the EMEA and APAC regions; it also covers the Global ADHD Drugs market landscape and its growth prospects in the coming years. The report also includes a discussion of the key vendors operating in this market.

Interestingly, one of the main market challenges the report found was...wait for it... are you ready yet?

Unknown Etiology

In other words, those manufacturing the drugs to treat ADHD don't actually know the causes of ADHD.

To combat this (small flaw) the Pharmafia (that's pharmaceutical companies and medicine regulators combined) will use various marketing strategies to say how bad ADHD can be if not treated... and actually skip the fact that they, themselves, do not know the etiology of it.

The report suggests that the Pharmafia must "increase the awareness" so expect a lot of pseudo-science over the coming years folks.

Drugs discussed in the report include Strattera, Concerta/Ritalin, Focalin, Intuniv and Vyvanse/Elvanse/ Venvanse.

The key vendors, according to the report, are Eli Lilly, Janssen, Novartis and Shire.

Between now and 2018 it appears that the goal is to not only target children who have a brain disease but adults too.

A brief abstract of the report reads...

ADHD is a psychiatric disorder, which is mostly found in children. However, adults have also been reported to be diagnosed with ADHD. The patients with ADHD suffer from several problems including hyperactivity, impulsiveness, and lack of focus and concentration. The causes of ADHD are not known. It is believed to be linked with genetic and environmental causes. However, it has been reported to be related with the decrease in the extraneuronal levels of norepinephrine and dopamine. In addition, the patients have an abnormality in the brain structure. It is more prevalent in boys than girls. The management of ADHD is done by counseling, medications, and lifestyle changes.

Notice how the causes of ADHD are played down and followed with the standard Pharmafia scaremongering line... "It is believed to be linked with genetic and environmental causes. However, it has been reported to be related with the decrease in the extraneuronal levels of norepinephrine and dopamine. In addition, the patients have an abnormality in the brain structure."

What you, as a prospective consumer, need to take from this are two key words...

1. Believed
2. Reported

In other words, the Pharmafia "believe" in a theory because it, coincidentally, means they will be able to treat a population based on this theory.

It has been "reported" basically means that the Pharmafia have cherry-picked reports, once again to suit their own agenda (selling drugs)

They did this with SSRi's when they were first launched. Back then we were told that SSRi's such as Prozac and Paxil could correct a chemical imbalance... (the cause of the anxiety and depression we were feeling)

When this theory was proven to be incorrect one would have thought that trading standards would have slammed the Pharmafia for selling products on a lie. However, the Pharmafia still had the luxury of tweaking their wording.

Look at any SSRi on the market today and you will see a key line...

"It is thought"

So, "it is thought" that anxiety and depression are caused by a chemical imbalance. It still gives us the message that they are right and we have something abnormal with us.

And that's exactly how they want it to remain folks.

If you want an alternative treatment for your child then read Psychiatric Medication or Play Therapy?

If you are an adult who has been diagnosed with ADHD and, as a result, you have been offered medication to control it then... well, you are grown up enough to know that the Pharmafia just want your money and want you hooked on their wares.

Some of the side effects of the drugs mentioned in the report are pretty severe - Pharmafia will play those down too.

In a nutshell, before you decide to go down the road of drugging yourself...or your children, do your homework.

Don't believe me? When diagnosed answer your doctor with a two-worded question and watch his face.

The 40 second video perfectly shows this.

Bob Fiddaman.

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