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Monday, August 31, 2015

Duchesnay Correct Violation: No Apology

Canadian pharmaceutical company, Duchesnay, who market and manufacture the controversial morning sickness pill Diclegis, have corrected a violation, earlier flagged by the American drug administration (FDA).

In a bizarre twist, to the uneducated eye, it looks as if socialite, Kim Kardashian, is making the changes. Let's compare the two posts by Kardashian (none of which mention that she has been paid by Duchesnay to endorse it's morning sickness pill.)

Kardashian's original advert for Diclegis

The FDA, after reviewing the one-sided ad, told Kardashian to remove it and also wrote a warning letter to Duchesnay. The FDA letter warned Duchesnay that they were violating certain rules as they didn't include the risks surrounding Diclegis.

Here's how the ad looks today...

The 2nd (corrective ad) features more text than the original. I think only a person from the planet Zog would believe that it was written by Kardashian.

Duchesnay have confirmed, more or less, that they have corrected their original mistake by proxy, via their Twitter account.

They have also issued a press release via their website here.

To date, no apology has been made by either Kardashian or Duchesnay for violating FDA rules and for potentially duping millions of future consumers of Diclegis.

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