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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Fortitude Law Take on Seroxat Cases in UK

The Seroxat group action has been running for almost 10 years now. GSK have, for whatever reason, refused to make any kind of settlement to the 107 claimants who have alleged that they suffered severe withdrawal at the hands of Seroxat and, more importantly, were not warned about this dependency problem.

In 2010 the group action came to a grinding halt. A legal battle, behind the scenes, was unfolding and claimants, of which I am one, had their public funding withdrawn. This is quite common in UK action against pharmaceutical companies.

Sufficed to say, the group action was put on hold (stayed) whilst the legal wrangles were ironed out.

Good news is, we now have new representation.

Fortitude Law, a law firm based in London, are now representing the UK claimants and are set to return to the High Court to confront GlaxoSmithKline and show them evidence that Seroxat caused these withdrawal reactions to the claimants. I assume it will be the same evidence that US courts were shown back in 2002 when 3,000 or so claimants alleged that Seroxat caused them dependency. Glaxo resolved that case yet refuse to do the same in the UK.

The Fortitude Law website has now gone live and they have a contact form on there for people wishing to ask questions about the current group action.

Fortitude Law can be found here.

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