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Monday, July 10, 2017

Targeting Young Minds With Mythical Fairytales

I've found a cause for depression and other related 'mental health' issues. It came to me last night. I've cracked this age-old question.

I witnessed it myself, so I know it is concrete evidence.

Okay, so this is what happens.

Whilst a normal person is sleeping bad fairies visit and sprinkle bad dust on their heads. This destructive dust seeps into the heads and makes people have dark thoughts. These fairies are 6-inch creatures from the planet Zog; they are sent down as part of an intergalactic experiment created by more bad fairies who are higher in authority than the 'visitors'. Their leader, Major Larry Junk, created these 'bad dust' experiments in the 10th century and has been sending down visitors ever since. He was born in the late 950's and was great friends with Burchard of Worms, the bishop of the Imperial City of Worms, in the Holy Roman Empire. He died in the year 1025 but was resurrected a year later in 1026.

Of course, I have no proof of this, but you'll just have to accept it. Depression is caused by bad fairies sprinkling bad dust.

If you don't believe my fairy tale, here's another by YoungMindsUK

Compare my theory to the one touted by YoungMinds UK, a charity, according to their website, that, "champion the wellbeing and mental health of young people."

They claim, amongst other things, that depression is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. Not only do they know the cause of depression they also know a good treatment for it. They write...

There is help and treatment available for people with mental health problems. Usually, they’ll see their GP first, who’ll arrange for them to see a specialist like a psychiatrist, counsellor or psychotherapist. They’ll decide together on the best treatment for them. This can include:

Medication – these can help to address chemical imbalances and make someone feel more ‘normal’

So, the opposite of normal is abnormal, correct? So, in essence, YoungMinds UK are telling its target audience (children) that having a 'mental health problem' is abnormal, furthermore the person experiencing the 'mental health problem' is abnormal.

Major Larry Junk doesn't do that.

YoungMinds UK go much further than I do though. They have a health care professional who oversees all their claims and she, along with her colleagues, have checked all the claims made by Young Minds UK and found them to be factual. YoungMinds UK apparently doesn't understand that fairy tales are supposed to entertain children, not end their lives.

Their brochure specifically thanks "Dr Andrea Gnanadurai and her colleagues at the Child and Family Public Engagement Board, Royal College of Psychiatry for fact checking this booklet."

I disagree with Dr Andrea Gnanadurai and her colleagues because I know that depression is caused by bad fairies sprinkling bad dust.

Dr Andrea Gnanadurai (pictured below) holds a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery. Safe to assume then that she knows a lot more than I, or indeed Dr Larry Junk, Head of the Intergalactic Bad Dust Fairies Operation Unit on planet Zog.

Dr Larry Junk is over 1000 years-old. Judging by Dr Andrea Gnanadurai's Twitter profile photo she is considerably younger. I tweeted her the following earlier...

Depression, they claim, is caused by a chemical imbalance and, according to them, is treatable with either talking therapy or medication, or indeed both.

I find this bizarre. If my drain was blocked, for example, would talking to it unblock it or would I need to pour a chemical into it to unblock it?

If a chemical imbalance was present in the brain then how would talking about it make it go away?

YoungMinds UK don't stop there. Their website is calling for 'Youth Activists' to raise awareness of mental health. They write...

If you’re aged 14 to 25 and have experience related to mental health – including caring for someone with a mental health problem – then you can apply to become an activist.

Amongst its partners are Heads Together, an initiative spearheaded by The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry. Other partners/supporters include the National Lottery, but gambling addiction doesn't seem to be addressed by YoungMinds UK.

On the subject of ADHD they claim, "Children under 5 shouldn't be given ADHD medication." So, okay if you are 5 years of age or older then?

Regarding a BMJ publication, 'Suicidality and aggression during antidepressant treatment', YoungMinds UK offer the following...

This new report is very worrying and its very concerning that some clinical trials have been misreported or poorly designed. Children and their parents must have solid and comprehensive information about the effects that antidepressants can have, so they can make informed decisions about treatment.

Ironic considering their website claims medication "can help to address chemical imbalances and make someone feel more ‘normal." Apparently, YoungMinds UK is worried about misreported clinical trials, but they aren't worried about their own unproven claim regarding "chemical imbalance" marketing.

If YoungMinds UK can provide evidence that a; depression is caused by a chemical imbalance and b; antidepressants address a chemical imbalance, then, I'm sure, both children and parents will be able to make informed decisions about treatment.

The booklet, 'Young Minds: Mental Illness In Your Family', can be downloaded here.

I spoke with Major Larry Junk earlier, he told me that, just like his surname, the chemical imbalance claims made by Young Minds UK are 'junk science.'

Bob Fiddaman

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