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Monday, May 28, 2018

Gagging the Activist

While I typically cover psych and pharma industry crimes and the real adverse drug reaction tragedies of their countless victims, today's post relates to a strange dream I had last night. I imagine all of us have likely had similar dreams--dreams that seemed so real it's as if they weren't really dreams at all.

My dream was about a war of sorts, an attack on free speech, free press and due process. While all these freedoms are important to every citizen, they have special importance to journalists and advocates for public health and safety. Regardless of whether we agree with each other's views, we all can recognize the importance of protecting such basic freedoms.

In my dream, an independent journalist from the UK stood outside a court where a large gang was being tried for grave offenses such as rape, sex trafficking, sexual activity with children, child abduction and child drugging. The journalist was live-streaming a broadcast and seemed to be civil in his manner.

As I recall, my dream, like many dreams, was bizarre and made no sense at all. It appeared the journalist was working alone and reporting on something the mainstream media did not cover because a judge warned them not to share the news with the public. I knew at this point this was a dream because I couldn't imagine anything like this happens in real life during the year 2018, right?

The judge in my dream claimed the media blackout was to ensure a fair trial, even though the media had already reported on the trial years earlier. Further, the media had publicly identified those standing trial.

My dream took a rather bizarre twist when the independent journalist was arrested for his reporting. The police arrested him citing "breach of the peace." He was taken away in a police van to an undisclosed prison. This is where my dream ended. It was such a powerful dream that it stuck with me all day and played havoc in my mind. Unfortunately, I woke from this bad dream without ever knowing the outcome. I kept wondering what happened to the independent reporter? Was he released? Were charges dropped? Was he being held in a cell awaiting a trial of his own?

Gag Orders Can Create Nightmares

As a drug safety advocate and independent journalist, I couldn't help but think the same type of gag-orders could easily be placed on me. Moreover, on anyone whose friends or loved ones have died from unsafe products, government regulator failures, and corporate/political collusion. I couldn't help but think that the next family of a child who dies from unsafe pharma products might be shackled with a political gag order secured by the coroner who conducts their dead child's inquest. Not only would this rob the family of their basic right to free speech and a fair inquest, such gag orders would effectively conceal from the public important product safety information that could save the lives of children living next door.

If my dream were real, it could mean if I was warned and/or threatened by pharma attorneys, or indeed a judge, that I couldn't write about the suicides in drug clinical trials, the unsuspecting public would never know about the grave dangers of drugs such as Seroxat.

If my dream were a reality, these modern-day gag orders and arrests could conceal from the public crucial evidence regarding drug induced-deaths and/or the deaths of others caused by drug-induced psychosis and violence. It could cause the future death of children who have yet to even be conceived--children who will die from dangerous products already on the market today.

For 12 years I've been seeking ways to find out the truth and for patients to be fully informed of the truth. Maybe my dream stems from frustrations many activists face. These include wanting accurate information, only to find that the powers that be just don't want to give me, or others, accurate information. I don't know everything about the man in my dream, but it seemed like me he, too, wanted to warn unsuspecting parents about real and serious dangers.

Still disturbed by my bad dream, I took to YouTube in search of soothing music. Yet, for inexplicable reasons, I stumbled upon the following links. Thank goodness dreams are just dreams. Right?

This post is not about Tommy Robinson. It's about our right to seek the truth and discuss relevant topics regarding public safety.

Bob Fiddaman

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