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Thursday, May 10, 2018

We Speak For The Dead To Protect The Industry

In 2015 an amendment to the Coroners' Bill was put forward in Ireland on behalf of John and Stephanie McGill Lynch. Their 14-year-old son, Jake (pictured), died after experiencing critical ADR's caused by the SSRI drug Prozac.

Currently, coroners can return an "open verdict" in such deaths. The open verdict means the jury confirms the death is suspicious but sidesteps a definitive verdict. Mr. and Mrs. Lynch wanted this amended to include a new verdict. They proposed the term “iatrogenic suicide” which, in a nutshell, means “the ending of one’s own life where the effect of medical treatment undertaken by the deceased, including any prescribed medication, is the primary cause of such an action."

Yesterday the Irish Times reported on the outcome of Jake’s Amendment.

Minster for Justice Charlie Flanagan ruled out the introduction citing that:
“The proposal from the McGill Lynch family is well-intentioned but cannot be supported. This is mainly because the verdict would apportion some liability on the medical practitioner who may have prescribed the treatment or medication for the deceased person”
I find Flanagan's ruling bizarre and I'm not alone in this assessment. Sinn Féin Senator, Pádraig MacLochlainn, who presented Jake’s Amendment on behalf of the McGill-Lynch family, said it was originally “uncontentious” among all parties in the Seanad but was blocked at the “11th hour.” “My suspicion is that senior medical professionals spooked the minister.”

MacLochlainn makes a valid point. Adding more insult to injury, the Office of the Attorney General advised the proposed verdict would be legally unsound because a new verdict would be capable of ascribing criminal liability to person or persons who are readily identifiable. Unsurprisingly, the Coroners Society of Ireland was opposed to the proposal. It seems the only people the government wants to hold accountable for these avoidable deaths is the victim who died.

The current choice of verdicts open to a coroner or, in legal cases, to a jury, include accidental death; misadventure; suicide; open verdict; natural causes, and; unlawful killing. When a person dies from self-sustained injury, mainstream terminology still labels such deaths as "suicides" despite that many pharma products can and do cause unwanted, ego-dystonic death. Ego-dystonic deaths are "against one's will." That is, if the consumer was not experiencing ADRs caused by pharma products, they would not in their normal undrugged mind, have wanted to die nor died.

Like thousands of other ADR victims, Jake's young mind was chemically abducted by Prozac. Prozac and all SSRIs cause akathisia, psychosis and suicidal thoughts and actions among many unsuspecting consumers. In the US, all SSRIs carry the FDA's most serious Black Box warning stating they can cause life-threatening ADRs. The FDA was forced to include the Black Box warning on SSRIs after thousands of reported deaths and extensive testimony by courageous family members left behind. Unfortunately, the FDA essentially buries the dire warning in tiny print tucked inside a paper envelope most trusting consumers unintentionally discard.

Justice Charlie Flanagan's ruling seems absurd as does his reasoning. Ms. Lynch told the Irish Times she and her husband, from Clondalkin, west Dublin, were “absolutely disgusted, traumatized,” adding that the proposed amendment “would have said ‘without apportioning blame.'" We are not looking for anyone’s head on a plate. But we are looking for some kind of accountability.”

Coroners are first and foremost doctors who sit on the fence regarding prescription drug-induced deaths. Coroners know they can't definitively label any of these deaths "suicides" but they won't protect the public by acknowledging lethal drug effects. If coroners did so, they would then honestly speak for the dead to protect the living. As it stands, coroners continue to deceitfully "speak for the dead" to protect fellow doctors and the drug industry.

The Irish Times article can be read in its entirety here.

Bob Fiddaman


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