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Saturday, February 01, 2020

Evelyn "Evie" Pringle

Evelyn Pringle

It is with great sadness that I announce the death of the extraordinary investigative journalist, Evelyn Pringle.

'Evie', as I knew her, was the key reason I started writing this blog back in 2006. We would later correspond and help one another with various articles.

I first became aware of Evie's work after reading the excellent, Drip, Drip, Drip, Paxil Info Leaks Out, a superb piece of investigative journalism. I highly recommend you read it. The expose is from 2006 but it gives you an insight into Evie's brilliant mind and investigative skills.

Some years down the line we made contact after she learned about this British blogger guy linking to her articles.

In 2010, I received a 58-page document from the Federal Aviation Administration. It was regarding a Freedom of Information request I had submitted in relation to a proposal that will allow pilots to control aircraft whilst on certain SSRI medications.

Much of 2010 was taken up with me reporting on the Sara Carlin inquest, to be honest, I reached the point of burn-out once the inquest had finished.

I, therefore, forwarded the 58-page document on to Evie. I didn't really know anyone else who could do it justice.

Here is the result of Evelyn Pringle's study of the 58-page document: SSRIs Render Unfriendly Skies

Some years later Evie became a talk-show host covering such topics of government corruption and paedophile rings in Hollywood. She was never one to mince her words.

Evie's work is spread far and wide across the internet and after contacting me I helped her catalogue her articles so she could put them all in one place. Evelyn Pringle's Catalog of Articles was a result of that collaboration.

My one regret in life is that I never got to meet Evie in person, we corresponded and spoke on the phone, for those who never knew her, she was an extremely funny individual who swore like a docker and who was passionate about unveiling corruption. We lost touch as the years wore on and I didn't know she had been suffering an illness.

Fly high, sister, and thank you for giving me a voice and nurturing my skills as an investigative researcher. I shall live forever in your debt.

Your friend,



Bob Fiddaman

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