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Monday, February 24, 2020

Prostate Cancer UK - Venue: Hampton In Arden

I don't often get involved in charity events, there's too many and one never knows if the money raised goes through pharma-funded organisations.

However, when I first heard of the Prostate Cancer Awareness Fundraiser in a village where I used to reside (Hampton-In-Arden), I had no hesitation in lending my support as my father (86) has recently been diagnosed with this.

Event organiser, David Castle, (pictured below) was delighted with the outcome. He told me, "I can’t believe that a conversation over a few beers with Ollie Basnett (Guitarist for 2 Weeks Notice) in November at the White Lion in Hampton culminated in what happened on Saturday. The turnout was amazing and people were so generous. Great music great food and alcohol made it a night to remember. Many thanks to sponsors and donations for the raffle. We are up to over £8k which is beyond my wildest dreams."

Event Organiser, David Castle

Live music on the night was provided by The Red Skies Band and 2 Weeks Notice, two bands that are well worth hiring should you have an event of your own.

A great time was had by all and I got to catch up with old friends and even made some new ones. It was a night when a community came together and dug deep into their pockets. They are quite a breed those Hamptonites!

I salute you all.

Bob Fiddaman

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