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Saturday, September 03, 2011

Retired Hockey Star Wade Belak Hangs Self

Wade Belak “He had referred to having been on ‘happy pills’ for four years,”

News filtering through the National Post [Canada] suggests that former NHL star Wade Belak, was on antidepressants for four years.

Belak was found dead last week in a downtown luxury hotel in Toronto. He had hanged himself.

Wade Belak's mother, Lorraine, told CBC that her son didn't talk about his depression a lot.

The National Post's Sean Fitz-Gerald writes:

Lorraine Belak said she last spoke with her son on Sunday, before he left his family home in Nashville for a flight to Toronto, where he was preparing for his role on the CBC show Battle of the Blades. On Thursday, Lionel Aadland, Belak’s father, said the family had been told Belak had taken his own life.

“Of course, I couldn’t believe it,” his mother told the CBC. “I was stunned, shocked, but most of all, I just could not believe that this happened to him.”

Belak’s funeral will be held Sunday in Nashville, where he had settled with his wife, Jennifer, and their two children.

“The lesson we’ve learned from Wade will haunt many of us for a long time — you never know what’s going on in someone’s head,” TSN host Michael Landsberg told TSN Radio on Friday afternoon. “Wade Belak apparently had an external ability that was mind-blowing, how good he could sell his mental well-being. Always smiling.”

Landsberg, who copes with depression, told the station he and Belak had been discussing the condition and its treatments on and off for at least four years. He told the station they had talked about it as recently as a week ago.

“He had referred to having been on ‘happy pills’ for four years,” Landsberg said on the air. “And I said to him, ‘They’re not happy pills, as you know. At best, they return you to being the way you were beforehand.’ ”

It's interesting to note that Belak had been taking medication for his depression for four years, medication that was supposed to help him. It's unknown if Belak had abrubtly stopped taking his medication, if he had, then suicidal thoughts, that are an adverse event of this type of medication, could have been the reason why he did what he did.

A proper death investigation by the Office of the Chief Coroner for Ontario, should include a review of his medical records and postmortem toxicology of any psychiatric drugs he was prescribed at the time of his death. They should be especially looking for changes in dose and /or the addition or deletion of any psychiatric medications, since these are high risk times for drug-induced, violent completed suicide

Belak was just 35 years old.


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