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Friday, September 16, 2011

The Counterfeit Shyness Epidemic

A few UK newspapers ran with stories yesterday regarding future proposals in the DSM.

The updated DSM [The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders] is due in 2013 and those wacky white coated men have covered all bases when it comes to targeting children.

Not content with S.A.D. [Social Anxiety Disorder], the wannabe Gods have come up with O.D.D [Oppositional Defiant Disorder]

Let's just take a look at the acronyms used for each of these disorders. Sad and Odd.

According to the wisdom of these nutty professors, your child may have S.A.D. if he/she is quiet in the classroom, you know the kind of kid I'm talking about here, the one who chooses not to raise his/her hand and volunteer an answer. Yup, drug them.

On the other end of the scale we have O.D.D. These are the children, who unlike the S.A.D. individuals, choose to do the opposite. They talk back to 'adults' and may oppose what they are being asked/told to do.

For those in between these two labels, don't fear, you won't feel left out. Early intervention of "mental disorders" means you too can have a label just like your friends. Just tick a series of boxes and your destiny will be planned for you by the white coated soothsayers. Your parents will be informed, "Dear Mr and Mrs Jones, although the mental health screening of your child showed no apparent mental disorder, we feel, by the answers given in the screening survey, that your child has the early signs of psychosis. This may become full blown within the next five years or so. We highly recommend that they be monitored by our team.

Sounds absurd doesn't it? Did deep and you will find that this is already happening.

I foresee future disorders being invented, just so those DSM shills can report back to the pharmaceutical companies with cap in hand, "We did what you asked of us massa, all bases covered massa."

Gone are the days where children can have an imagination, if they are caught daydreaming in class, label them then drug them. If they answer a teacher back, label them and drug them. If they are seen to be mourning the loss of a parent, brother, sister, grandparent or friend, label them and drug them. Yup, another gem from the proposed DSM is "Depressive disorder". If a child mourns the loss of any of the above for longer than 6 months, label them and drug them.

Call me an old cynic if you want but isn't this push to drug children a reflection on decisions made by medicine regulators regarding SSRi's like Seroxat, Cipramil etc?

A while ago, the UK regulator, MHRA, made recommendations that antidepressants like Seroxat should not be given to children. That put a huge dent in the coffers for the pharmaceutical industry. Only way around this would seemingly be to invent a few more disorders. Hey Presto!... and the licence to print money starts all over again.

Don't expect the MHRA to intervene with the latest in the line of new mental disorders. They are spineless and, after all, wholly funded by the pharmaceutical industry. Give it about 10 years and they may send out warning letters to doctors regarding the medication used to treat children who are sad, mourning or just a little bit boisterous. They allow the pharmaceutical industry to make wads of cash before intervening, you see. Everyone, except your child, is a winner.

When the average person reads of the good deeds done by the pharmaceutical industry such as various donations to war-torn countries or vaccines to the poorer countries, it makes us sleep better at night, knowing that big pharma is really looking out for us. That is the image they like to portray, it's a confidence trick, one which they are past masters at.

Delve a little deeper and you may just find a more sinister reason behind the pharmaceutical industries apparent generosity.

As a child growing up I was always out playing games. I fear Hopscotch will now have rules attached. If your child lands on a crack in the pavement then they may just have a mental disorder... because those men in white coats want them to.

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