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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Russian Creating Awareness About the Dangers of Paxil

When I first started writing this blog [April 2006] there was maybe a handful of UK advocates who had blogs/websites. Many have come and gone since, those that have disappeared or not updated seemingly got fed up with banging their heads against the proverbial brick wall when trying to get answers from the UK medicine's regulator, the MHRA.

I've always been an admirer of the small man/woman going up against the might of the pharmaceutical industry and regulators around the world. It can be consuming and, at times, draining. The stories you come across are dark and frustrating. Suicides, corruption, ignorance and...well, obsessive freaks who ride on top of your back by stealing your work and, in my case, my name.

Visitors to this blog have grown over the years, countries far and wide land on the 2,000+ posts I have written. One such visitor was a Russian who has created a Paxil awareness website that reaches out to many across Russia. We've spoken on a number of occasions via email and recently I asked him if he would be prepared to do an exclusive interview with me - He agreed. He wishes to remain anonymous - I respect his wishes.

For the purposes of this Interview I shall call him by the name Mr X. His website is entitled "Secrets of Paxil and other antidepressants" [translation] and can be found HERE

*** Translation by Google is actually incorrect. Mr X tells me that the sub title should read - "The facts about which you won't read in the patient information leaflet."

What prompted you to created a website about Paxil? 

To help others understand the terrible consequences of the lies in psychiatry. If you are taking a psychotropic drug, an antidepressant, for example, if you are tell a doctor that you feeling better, the doctor tells you it is the the drug working. But if you tell about the worsening of old symptoms or if the new symptoms appear then most doctors will tell you that it's your disease and not the pill. Moreover, If you are experiencing light side effects, like headache and dizziness that disappear after drug withdrawal then doctors can agree that these effects was caused by a drug. But if you became seriously and chronically ill after the drugs then doctors usually say that "it's not the drug, it's your disease. This is a terrible lie that leads to horrible results and undermines the whole medicine's authority.

Is there a big Paxil problem in Russia?

Russian people much rarely see psychiatrists, psychotherapist and psychologists compared to people in the USA or UK, for example. But there is concern with many patients, that have become addicted to Paxil, already appearing on the Russian internet.

Are you happy with the way prescription drugs are regulated in Russia?

In Russia drugs are prescribed to people who really don't need them. For example, one doctor can prescribe some drugs then the patient goes to another doctor that asks the patient: "Who prescribed you it? If you would have taken all these medicines then you would be a constant client for a mental hospital" . So, it much depends on a doctor ethics and awareness level.

Is Paxil liquid available to Russians?

As far as I know - isn't.

What do you hope to achieve by creating a Paxil website?

I would like to let potential patients know the real effects of psychotropic drugs, which are documented in drug trials and are reported by common patients. But these undesirable effects are being hidden by people and organizations that are ready to destroy many lives in order to achieve personal welfare by promoting the lie about how perfect the drugs are while the drugs really are useless and harmful.

Mr X's website, "Secrets of Paxil and other antidepressants" is a testament to one lone soul up against the might of the abhorrent culture of the self-professed Gods that think they know everything about the human brain, when in fact they know nothing.




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