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Friday, September 09, 2011

Political Asylum...Down Under

"As I was decreasing the dose of (my medication) there were severe and urgent symptoms, mostly ongoing, and strong nausea," - Senator Mary Jo Fisher. [Image: The Australian]

Australia has been in the news quite a lot lately with regard to prescription medication of the antidepressant kind.

First we had Patrick McGorry and his band of DeLorean driving merry men who laid claim to the find of the century, a crystal ball that could see into the future and diagnose you, and your children with a mental disorder before you, or your children, actually got it! I have wrote about McGorry many times on this blog, if you Google the search term 'Fiddaman + McGorry' you will find the majority of posts.

In a nutshell, McGorry has convinced the Australian government to throw money at his early intervention program. It would appear the Australian government, or at least some of it's MP's, are finding out for themselves just how brutal psychiatric medication can be.

This from The Australian [Sept 8 2011]

One in five politicians is on medication for depression, claims Andrew Robb

LIBERAL frontbencher Andrew Robb claims 20 per cent of those in federal parliament are using antidepressants.

The opposition finance spokesman, who suffers a form of depression, said yesterday in Adelaide the high pressure of political life caused depressive illnesses

"I do know that at least 20 per cent of the parliament are taking some sort of antidepressant medication," he said. "I don't know who they are, but I know they are. I certainly think for people who are under a lot of stress, like politicians or senior ministers, a lot thrive on that. But others who get a lot of stress, well that can cause a depressive condition."

Full story HERE

Next we have the story that an Australian Senator, Mary Jo Fisher, is up on a charge of grocery theft and assault. Her defence, once again highlighted in The Australian [Sept 9 2011]

Senator Fisher says she hit rock bottom at time of alleged grocery theft and assault
Senator Fisher said she was in the middle of changing her medication after being diagnosed with chronic depression in 2009 and was "zoning in and out"
"As I was decreasing the dose of (my medication) there were severe and urgent symptoms, mostly ongoing, and strong nausea," Senator Fisher said.

"(My medication) was not getting me out of the pits of despair."

Full story HERE

I think it safe to say that this should come as a warning to those government officials who back McGorry's early intervention program. If the steak is poisoning people now then imagine what that steak could do to the future of Australian children.

Fisher's defence is not unheard of, to me it appears she is describing akathesia, ["severe and urgent symptoms, mostly ongoing."] This is a common side effect of most psychiatric medication, an adverse reaction that is played down by the psychiatrists who prescribe it, the watchdog that regulate it and the pharmaceutical companies that manufacture it. [The Psychopharma Monopoly]

This is a wake-up call for the Australian government, I'm merely a blogger from Birmingham who has experienced the devastating effects of an SSRi, there are literally hundreds of thousands of others who have experienced the same, if not worse than I.

If stopping or changing medications can cause your own Senator severe side effects...then just imagine what drugs like these can do to your children. If McGorry has his way, he'll hook them up before they get the "illness"

Ball is in your court Australia.




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