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Tuesday, November 28, 2006



40 Mgs of Seroxat
To keep me safe from harm.
These drugs are not addictive
Say's the suited man with charm.
They didn't warn of feelings
That swim inside my head.
Feelings of hate, anger and jealousy
And wishing I was dead.
The secrets of Seroxat
Hidden from us all.
To line the pockets of the rich men
While those around all fall.
Thank you Mr Executive man
And Pharmaceutrical Industry.
Thanks for all those lies & cover - ups
And what you've done to me.
Time to spread your wealth out
Make ammends to us poor souls
Whose lives have been shattered
Whose heads are full of holes.
Goodbye dear Seroxat
Hello withdrawal hell
Who will feel the wrath of me
Underneath this angry spell?
Thank God, I'm not the only one
Whose head cries out in pain.
While the bastards at GSK
Drown in financial gain.


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