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Monday, September 24, 2007

Request for victims to testify about their secret settlement in Congressional hearing

This one mainly goes out to our American friends who have had gagging orders placed on them by GlaxoSmithKline. I guess it's been hard on you all but.... read on.

A Congressional committee is looking for victims of defective products who settled, but had to keep the product details secret due to a secrecy clause in their settlement (i.e. Ford/Firestone, prescription drugs, medical device victims). Ideally, the defendant corporation settled previous cases in secrecy and did not resolve the product defect. Even if the victim cannot give specific details due to the settlement, it would still be helpful to have someone say, ‘I know about a dangerous product, but can’t tell you about it.’

If you know anyone who is willing to testify about their experience in a Congressional hearing, please contact Christine Zinner in the Public Affairs Department at (202)-944-2853 or Since the hearing is coming up very soon, we would appreciate any information as soon as possible.

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