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Monday, September 17, 2007

TGA & Delphi Centre - 'Commercial in Confidence'

Well, the Therapeutics Goods Administration did help remove the Aropax advertising from the Delphi Centre website (A Small Victory for Seroxat Sufferers)but it seems they don't want to do anything more about it.

I emailed them with the following:

I notice now that ALL advertisements have been removed. I thank you.

However, could you tell me if you will be investigating this matter further
as these adverts have been running on that very page since 2003?

Bob Fiddaman
Seroxat Sufferers

Their reply:

Dear Mr Fiddaman

The TGA have no objections to the Delphi Centre website as it currently stands.

Any information on the dealings between the TGA and Delphi Centre are considered to be 'commercial in confidence'. We now consider this matter closed.

Susan AnidoHead - Advertising Unit
Non Prescription Medicines Branch


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