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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

MHRA FOI Request Answer

A while back I wrote to the MHRA asking whether or not the following list of people were or have been involved in the current investigation into GSK. I asked because ALL those on the list have or have had 'ties' with GSK in the past.

Here is the list.

Professor A Blenkinsopp, Professor H Dargie, Dr M Donaghy, Dr J C Forfar, Dr R Leonard, Prof D J Nutt, Professor J F Smyth, Professor Christopher Bucke, Prof Nicholas Mitchison, Dr Brian J Clark, Professor Robert Booy, Professor S M Cobbe, Professor J E Compston, Dr A Glasier, Dr Andrew A Grace, Dr P Hindmarsh, Professor P D Home, Dr R F A Logan, Professor R MacSween, Professor J O’D McGee, Professor David R Matthews, Dr A Smyth, Professor A D Struthers, Professor J C E Underwood, Dr A Gerard Wilson, Dr Rosemary Leonard, Mr David P S Dickinson, Dr Charlotte C D Williamson, Professor Anthony H Barnett, Professor V Krishna K Chatterjee, Professor Albert, Sir Alistair Breckenridge, Dr Ian Hudson.

...and here is the MHRA's response.

Dear Mr. Fiddaman,

REF: FOI 07/260

Thank you for your enquiry of 29th August.

As you are aware, the MHRA is conducting a detailed criminal investigation into the allegation that Glaxo Smith Kline failed to disclose clinical trial data at an earlier stage. The investigation is still in progress.

The individuals named on your list (apart from Professor Breckenridge and Doctor Hudson who are current Board members) are, in the vast majority, past or present members of MHRA Advisory Bodies or external Advisory Panels. No individual on the list has formed part of the investigation.

Kind Regards,

Central Enquiry Point Information Centre Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency Tel: 020 7084 2000

So are they saying no individual on the list has formed part of the investigation apart from Breckenridge and Hudson or when they say no individual do they include these two characters?

I won't bother wasting my time writing them again - I pretty much know the answer already.


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