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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

More coverage for yours truly... :-)

Seroxat - The Main Culprits OpEdNews, PA - 2 Oct 2007It is my belief that they have known about the dangers of Seroxat in both adults and children for some considerable time, yet both have robustly denied any ...

A Chemical Imbalance - The Serotonin Myth OpEdNews, PA - 30 Sep 2007Was it invented purely to market GSK's baby, Seroxat? But more importantly, did GSK know that patients would become addicted to it, thus earning them ...

MARKET THE DRUG... THEN MANUFACTURE THE DISEASE OpEdNews, PA - 24 Sep 2007It suggested that people with common phobias could be persuaded to take Seroxat. It raised concerns with Mental Health campaigners about how Pharmaceutical ...

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