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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Bob Ingram - GlaxoSmithKline

Interesting thread going on over at Cafe Pharma. The thread, entitled, 'Bob Ingram got the ball rolling', certainly raises some eyebrows.

According to the GlaxoSmithKline website, Bob Ingram is Vice Chairman Pharmaceuticals, GlaxoSmithKline and a special consultant to the CET and the Group.

Here's how he is portrayed over at Cafe Pharma.

With all the illegal marketing tactics, now alleged in various investigations etc. A perfect merge with Garnier in 2000. BOTH of them crooks and Medicaid-Medicare robbers. Where is he now, other than playing around with people on various "boards", doing nothing for millions. HE belongs in Jail with Garnier for plotting and scheming that is going to bring this company down. Taxes, investigations... follow the money and depose the limp wrist..The buck stops with these two living high on the hog from Federally funded programs. If Ingram and Garneir are responsible for alleged fraud and corruption - Why should the stockholders (and ultimately patients) foot the bill while they are living high on the hog. Jailbirds. Get them.


Ouch!, a bulletin ( issued by Public Campaign, the finance reform group, notes that George W. Bush ostentatiously thanked Robert Ingram for his fine work chairing a fundraising dinner that garnered $30 million for the Republican Congressional Committee. Ouch! further notes that Ingram is CEO of GlaxoSmithKline, which markets Lanoxin, a drug widely used by seniors to avert congestive heart failure. Lanoxin's price has risen 58.1 percent since 1997, or almost five times the rate of inflation. The rising cost of drugs is the reason a prescription drug benefit should be added to Medicare, yet the Bush Administration opposes such legislation. So do Glaxo and the other big pharmaceutical companies, and they've contributed $11.3 million to the 2002 election--three-fourths of that to the Republicans--to make sure it doesn't happen. Follow the $$$.


Manicured hands that were greased and filthy with corruption. I was there. He thought he could get out unscathed...maybe he did or hopefully he did not. Remember the 7 million dollar national meeting where he had Colin Powell come in to talk (how much Ingram ?) Real inspiring speech to the sales force comparing our sales job to Desert Storm !!! What a joke-then he brought in Stormin Norman Schwarzkopf.. same deal ..MILLIONS of dollars spent on entertainment and Republican money mongers. Ingram did not get where he was with his little bachelors degree from his home town college.. An ass kissing smooth talker, thought he had everyone fooled. Did not fool me or any other ethical reps. he knew exactly what was going on, every step of the way. Right Bobby, now tell the truth, please.


I don't know the accuracy of the above, however I will say that Bob Ingram is the only executive at GSK that I know of that valued sales reps.


Now that's the Biggest Crock of Bull SHIT EVER!!!! Bob Ingram Ruined Glaxo. Glaxo was a Fantastic company BEFORE he took it over. When he came into power he Merkerized it. Everyone in home office used to have a sign on there desk. "nothing gets done until someone sells something". They treated the sales people like Gold before Bobby came. Commissions went Way down after little bobby.


I will say that if Mr. Ingram ever valued sales rep's it was because they were viewed as tools to achieve all of GSK's Return on Investment goals, which as recently reported included huge payoffs to physicians participating in GSK studies, unlimited resources to entertain and ultimately "bribe" physicians into being on the GSK bandwagon, and finally all the marketing schemes that have been uncovered that were not in any grey area, but violations of the law and ultimately put the patient at risk. The Representatives had the proverbial Ingram "carrot" hung out in front of them to perform as directed by marketing, (legal or illegal). He knew they were the troops on the front line as he himself put it, and had to do anything, anyway, anyhow-to keep the huge amounts of money coming in. Yes, the ROI was well done, Mr. Ingram....but at what cost to the public, not only financially but physically in many cases innocent children ? Then along comes the worst CEO in the history if the industry, JP Garnier to join hands with Ingram and push the limit further. it was the combination of the two that brought this company to where it is today. Basically common white collar criminals, it is as simple as that. They will never pay the price for what went on under their watch, however. It will be business as usual, a few small fines in proportion to what was gained, absorbed by the stockholders and they will live in the lap of luxury until the day they die. That is how it works, unfortunately.


Yeah - i will never forget Ingram hugging Colin Powell like he was his long lost Bro'.. on the stage--While Powell was stashing GSK blood money into his bank account. Disgusting little worm. Big into the payolas for GSK prostitutes..... let the record show that-not this post. Follow the money and put the little worm under oath.


Tip of the iceberg- many Washington connections ... Made every rep feel like shit if they did not contribute part of their paycheck to the GSK Political Action Committee.. Actually stood himself at the meetings...garnishing wages. Oh, but then you got to attend all the shrimp and lobster happy hours, with the Grey Goose and caviar- no joke. Scavenger for Lobbying money from the sales force. Yeah, he loved those reps, didn't he Fools. Put the asshole in jail.


The problem is they sell harmless widgets and you sold Paxil to kids, knowing that it 1. Did not work and 2. Kids were committing suicide due to the drug. That is only one example...There are many as you know, read the fucking news. You are an idiot and the reason why this shithole is going down the toilet, or bidet --take your pick, dumb ass.


#1... you are using horrible language, which is sad....#2... I was referring to nasal sprays and topical steroids...(Flonase and Cutivate, Temovate) The latter two you may not even be familiar with if you were not around 10 - 15 years ago...All 3 of these drugs were excellent and had excellent competitors such as Vancanese, Elocon and Diprolene...Glaxo and the competitors helped thousands of people every year who suffered from allergic rhinitis, sinusitus and topical dermatological problems and should not feel anything but great about that..(Ask an Allergist where we would be right now without nasal steroids, or a Derm or FP without medium and high potency topical steroids)...#3 Any parent who is gutless enough to blame a kids mental problems on medicines such as Paxil, which has helped thousands of people with anxiety issues who are willing to exercise eat right and want to get better, needs to look in the mirror and take some responsibility and also quit listening to bad advice and find a higher quality lawyers.....60 minutes ran a garbage piece years ago on this topic aimed at Prozac and Zoloft and it was full of flaws...I hope I have cleared up this topic enough for you to understand we were doing the right thing....Selling our products...Great products....Have a good night....


All I can say is I am have to be kidding me, right. Please, tell me you are not that naive or clueless. Please. Yeah, this company was built on Flonase !!! and steroid me-too creams..Flonase no better than Beconase that went off patent, which was copycat Vancenase. Paxil and thousands of people with Anxiety, right sold for years off label for that too, now people are hooked, aren't they. Oh, my God please help this poor reppie.





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