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Saturday, June 06, 2009

GSK Mantra for Employees

Drive further, work longer and earn less.

Source: Cafe Pharma Forums.

Some comments:

In all seriousness, GSK is a mess. I am GSK7 currently. For Qtr1 we had 2 products: Avodart (45% weighting) and Treximet (55% weighting). Avodart was a losing proposition from the start. But Treximet was blowing out the numbers in my territory... for Volume growth. Unfortunately, GSK7 was evaluated on Mkt Share growth. So despite the fact that Treximet grew almost 30% in volume, my Market share only grew 1.4% (which was 3 times more than the nation). But with no adjustment for crappy forecasting, I am receiving NO BONUS payout for the first time in 15 years. Talk about motivition! And further motiviation is the Qtr 2 projections which are SO outrageous (178% volume growth??? WTF???) that it has become DE-motivating.

"be happy you have a job" doesn't cut it. I liked working for GSK. I was one of the cheerleaders. But now... well, it's just one big cluster. I heard from someone who knows someone (yeah, really credible rumor) that only 5 GSK7 territories in the nation hit their Treximet numbers.

Something is wrong with this picture


Nothing is wrong with the "big picture"

GSK is hemmoraging with sales losses, nearly 400 million dollars behind the goals set.

Witty and his "analyst forecasting" looks like Bozo the Clown Show

We are a laughing stock to investors, we have always made money in spite of our incompetence, but now when things are "tight" it magnifies the issue.

We are nobodys in the grand scheme. They want to find ways to cut costs, and they will continue to kill off employees and downsize as an "answer" to the reporters. Empowerment is just a fancy way to let you think you control your own destiny but come year end, expect 50% of us to be gone.

Witty will be the "hacker" and bring it back to being lean and mean but there will be little use for pharma marketing in the offices as it will all be based on contracts that we can't impact or influence.

The shame is that GSK is poor at the skill of managmeent of formularies and the whole logistics of samples and discount checks/vouchers is beyond foundational.

Witty needs to start eliminating senior management because the good old club doesn't work in todays environment. You need people who get the business and can react quickly to market opportunites. Hold those accountable that can't seem to get the big picture and move them out of the company. When I hear about production capacity issues, this is internal sabotage. The old saying goes, if you don't have it on the shelf, you can't sell it. Same holds true with samples..... if you hold us up on what we get to sample, guess what. Kiss your quotas in the toilet. It's not happening. Send these people to a business school, I suspect that most in upper management probably have an arts degree in communication which serves this company no justice.

Bonus is a term no longer recognized in this company. Good luck with motivation by fear, most manager seem to get this form of management. Be glad you have a job.... .works short term but this company is setting a foundation that will be very long and painful to repair.




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