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Friday, June 26, 2009

The Death of Michael Jackson - Possibly Prescription Drug Related?

When a star as huge as Michael Jackson dies, the wheels of conspiracy begin to turn. We are in the early stages of what will probably be the biggest conspiracy the Internet and media will ever witness.

Already, 'close family members' and 'close personal friends' of the troubled star are beginning to come forward with stories that once remained behind closed doors. I find it astounding how these very same people now wish to speak of their personal conversations with Michael Jackson.

It's been well documented that Jackson had a tough upbringing, from a very tender age he was plummeted into the world of showbiz, a world of falseness compared to the life he would have led from his modest Gary, Indiana, surroundings.

There can be no question that Jackson was 'different' - he knew no other world. He was never allowed to be a child and in later years would act out his childhood.

From the very early age of 5 Michael was performing with his brothers, pushed by his father at the cost of losing the pure innocence of one so young.

With the pressures of child abuse allegations and demands of record companies it is no surprise that Jackson sought solace in prescription drugs. Fame comes at a price and whilst we all wished for the riches of Jackson, we all would have hated losing our childhood.

In a Michael Jackson deposition from July 25, 2007 it is interesting to note how confused he was - at the time some may say he was merely being evasive but knowing how these drugs cloud the mind and destroy the memory, I beg to differ.

Throughout many interviews/depositions, Jackson had claimed that he forgot putting his signature to certain documents. Eyebrows were obviously raised but here we have someone who has signed millions of autographs all over the world.

Q Were you impaired by the taking of prescription medications or something else at the time you signed these two documents?

A I could have been.

Q Is that best of recollection, that you signed these while impaired, not knowing what they meant?

A I could maybe say so, but I'm not — I don't remember them.

Further on in his deposition:

Q How long in 2003 were you impaired because of the taking of prescription medication?

A I don't know.

Q Was it most of 2003?

A I'm not sure.

Q Did Dr. Farshchian prescribe that medication for you?

A No, it wasn't Farshchian. I think it was a local.

The following was also exchanged.

Q As of March 31, 2003, were you still impaired because of the taking of prescription medication?

A I could have been.

Q During the period of time you were impaired by the taking of prescription medication, was this an impairment that lasted like all your waking hours, or did it come and go?

A It comes and goes, not all of the waking hours, of course not. Yes.

Q Now, during the period of time you were taking this medication when you weren't impaired, did you ever tell one of your advisors that you were [concerned] about your impairment and they better watch what you were signing during this period of time?

A Not that I recall.


Ask anyone who has taken mind altering prescription drugs if they felt impaired and you will probably unlock or begin to understand the mind of Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson was 50 when he died.

I believe his soul died when he was just 5 years old.




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