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Sunday, March 13, 2011

DSM - From Boneheads to Boners!

"Honey, you need a psych pill."

The Mail Online reported last week that the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders [DSM] are to list "sex addiction" as a mental disorder, strangely the article is accompanied by a photo of US golfer, Tiger Woods. Oh yeh, he had an extra-marital affair, therefore he must have a sex addiction.

This is just another example of psychiatry wanting to target normality.

Sex is one of the most natural things known to humans...animals too, without it we wouldn't be here.

On a personal front, I haven't played hide the salami for a while now but it doesn't stop me thinking about it, that, in itself, must be a mental disorder going by what the DSM will more than likely print in their comic later this year.

Never one to miss out on inventing an illness, the boneheads who compile the DSM must have latched on to Tiger Woods and his treatment last year. Woods booked himself into a clinic. He basically got busted by his wife for hiding the pickle with another  woman. With no excuses he came up with the "But honey, I have an addiction" excuse. Oh puhleeeeaaaase. You got caught with your pants down, take it like a man and stop making dumb ass excuses.

I just wonder how doctors/psychiatrists are going to diagnose this new 'illness', maybe they will use a word association game with their patient?

Doctor: Ok Mr Jones, I'll show you an object or two, you have to tell me what they remind you of.

Patient: Ok doc.

**Doctor holds up a pair of melons.

Patient: Oh tits doc, big juicy tits.

**Doctor then holds up a pair of grapefruits.

Patient: Oh big juicy tits doc!

**Finally, the doctor holds up a pair of car windscreen wipers.

Patient: Oh huge juicy tits doc!

Doctor: Really?

Patient: Yes, really, huge wobbly tits doc.

"Hold on a minute," said the doctor, "melons and grapefruits may remind you of breasts. But windshield wipers?"

"Yeah!" replied the man, moving his head from left to right making kissing noises, "First this one then that one then this...!"

The patient was last seen leaving the doctor's surgery with a prescription for a psychiatric drug.

I envisage a future where contraceptives [rubbers] and vibrators [dildos] are sold with the standard psychiatric medication.

DSM, I'll shit em.

This goes out to all the boneheads who compile the DSM.

**AC/DC were last seen running down the street away from men in white coats.



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