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Thursday, March 31, 2011

"We Speak For The Dead...To Protect The Living" - Unless Drugs Are Involved.

It appears the Coroner's Court in Ontario, Canada, are once again poking their noses into matters and rejecting strong evidence that supports prescription medication that can lead to suicide.

As in the Sara Carlin case, some ignorant buffoon type, in the shape of Coroner Dr. Bonita Porter, has ruled that in the case of Moncton teen, Ashley Smith, no video evidence of forced drug injections by staff at Joliette Prison in Quebec can be allowed as evidence in her inquest.

The video's, which were plastered all over youtube last year, show Ashley's final moments.

Ashley Smith, a 19 year old Canadian woman who was incarcerated for the crime of throwing an apple at a postman. She was just 15 years of age when a 30 day sentence was handed down to her. The 30 day sentence spread to 4 years as Smith was transferred on 17 separate occasions by Corrections Canada. The transfers spanned four of the five regions of the Correctional Service of Canada.

Last year I wrote about a report that had surfaced from 2008.

The report includes historical facts excerpted from document archives and video footage provided by five governmental departments as well as relevant information provided by departmental authorities, experts and other stakeholders. It includes a review of the services provided by the Department of Public Safety, the Department of Social Development, the Department of Health, the Department of Education and the Department of Justice. The report outlines 25 recommendations to government. The Ombudsman and Child and Youth Advocate is committed to reviewing and measuring the progress made with regards to these recommendations by the aforementioned departments and to release publicly a progress report in a year’s time.

The full report can be downloaded HERE

Coroner Dr. Bonita Porter ruled the July 2007 videos of prison staff at Joliette forcibly giving the girl needles are not relevant to Smith’s death. She added, "I am not aware of any information … that suggests a nexus between [the forced injections in July 2007] … and the pattern of ligature use which eventually led to her death."

Judge for yourselves then ask yourself why Dr. Bonita Porter feels this way.

The Ontario Coroner's Court motto is, "We Speak For The Dead...To Protect The Living"

Yup, of course you do!



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