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Friday, March 18, 2011


I met Janis Hough online via Twitter, she'd made a comment about Seroxat. Formalities were exchanged, she met with the obligatory interruption from my Irish simpleton stalker, he targets those I make friends with too, when he's not slagging off Scientology or using dead children to goad me in to a response.

Anyway, enough about Glaxo's number one whore.

Janis has a cracking post up on her blog regarding Seroxat. The post, entitled, "Living without Seroxat and other Antidepressants", highlights Janis' work with a patient who has an addiction to Seroxat. She speaks of a client who has reduced from 30mg of Seroxat down to 1mg and is having panic attacks and anxiety.

Janis writes:

As a therapist and coach I see many clients who want to become free of the very drug that was supposed to help them feel better yet paradoxically they feel worse. So fuelled by seeing the latest client I wanted to add my experience in order to help others feel better.

So first off they are not a magic pill, there is no magic pill. They don’t fix the problem.
Latest research says that taking seroxat can lead you to feel suicidal, so which would be better to feel ‘depressed’ or ‘suicidal’, well neither, however if I was prescribed something to help I really would be depressed that it made me feel worse.

I sincerely hope she can help her client, whom I also know.

The full post can be viewed here


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