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Monday, May 09, 2011

Patrick McGorry: "Hey... Paddy... Leave Those Kids Alone"

"We don't need no education,
We don't need no thought control."

Pink Floyd - Another brick in the wall.

Former Australian of the year Patrick "DeLorean" McGorry has come back in time - to next week as it happens.

While he's speaking at the American Psychiatric Association annual conference blowing smoke about early psychosis, his British cohort British psychiatrist, Prof. Robin "Marty McFly" Murray, will be attending an "Infant Mental Health" Conference in Perth, W. Australia.

The infant mental health conference is part of the World Infant Mental Health Association whereby guest speakers talk about psychosis and things like cannabis increasing the risk of schizophrenia.

Murray and McGorry were co-authors of a psychosis study published last month. They claimed there are "brain structural abnormalities" in schizophrenics! They studied 102 people "at high risk of developing schizophrenia" (The DeLorean theory again) who were from the Personal Assessment and Crisis Evaluation Clinic [PACEC] in Melbourne, Australia. The clinic is operated from the Orygen Youth mental health centre... which just happens to be run by McGorry, in fact he is the Director of the centre.

Murray [Marty McFly] has received honorariums for speaking at meetings organised by most major producers of antipsychotic drugs, and his research group has received funding from Eli Lilly and Astra Zeneca.

So, what is the infant mental health conference all about? Well, according to the conference organizers, Sapmea, it's this:

The theme of the conference ‘Growing up solid: Integrating emotional and mental health throughout infancy, childhood and adolescence’ has never been more relevant. Mental health disorders cause the highest burden of disease in the 0-18 years age group, yet services to this group remain underfunded, fractured and piecemeal. The AAIMHI and RANZCP Faculty of Child Psychiatry are delighted to host a joint conference, reflecting our commitment to the integration of understanding and treatment of mental illness from infancy to adulthood.

This event is being promoted with artwork of the aboriginal type, it depicts a baby dreaming. Nice touch you guys.

The conference program sees an array of sessions that will take place, they range from eating disorders in infancy to Cannabis and Schizophrenia and management of psychosis. The AAIMHI & FCAP Conference – Preliminary Program can be downloaded HERE.

I've written about Paddy 'DeLorean' McGorry and his early intervention program numerous times on this blog, a program that he wants to go global. So, why is a British Professor [Sir Robin Murray] attending the event? Well he is a firm believer that cannabis can cause the onset of schizophrenia:

"It is one of ten prospective studies all pointing in this same direction. In short, it adds a further brick to the wall of evidence showing that use of traditional cannabis is a contributory cause of psychoses like schizophrenia."

So, why attend an event in Western Australia? Well, the event, it could be said, is going to target the indigenous population, known to enjoy a reefer or two. Hey, first let's rape their land, second we will tell them that what they have been doing for thousands of years can give them a mental disorder!

I am particularly stupefied with the following quote from Murray, taken from the BBC news on April 30 2007. Here he was speaking of cannabis use:

"Proving a long-term effect was extremely difficult, as it was not ethical or feasible to stimulate long-term psychosis in volunteers. If something has an active effect in inducing the symptoms of psychosis after one dose, then it would not be at all surprising if repeated use induced the chronic condition."


So, cannabis can cause psychosis but don't worry it can be treated with anti-psychotic medication - no problem with meds of that nature causing psychosis, right?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a fan of cannabis, the UK has a huge problem, many teenagers can't seem to get enough of the bud and regular morning trips on public transport sees school kids puffing away whilst talking like a gangster from a hip hop music video...and that's just the white British kids!

You cannot treat one brain fuck up chemical with another brain fuck up chemical. Hey, let's treat alcoholism with...ummmm... alcohol, while we're at it.

PATIENT: "Doctor, I am drinking a bottle of Vodka a night"

DOCTOR: "Here, take this" [Doctor hands patient bottle of Whiskey]

Yes, there is a huge cannabis problem here in Blighty but there is an even bigger problem in binge drinking and sniffing of powder [of the white variety] We also have a problem much bigger than booze and cocaine, we have doctors prescribing brain altering chemicals to children, a regulator [MHRA] who bury their heads in the sand citing "We told doctor's it's not recommended for children." Oh, thank you MHRA, thank you so much for sending out letters. You really do care doncha!

As comedian Chris Rock once said, the government don't want you to take YOUR drugs, they want you to take THEIR drugs.

So, while editor in chief of The official journal of the International Early Psychosis Association (IEPA) [Patrick McGorry] is giving it some in the US at the American Psychiatric Association annual conference, Prof Robin Murray, who just happens to be on the editorial board of the "official journal of IEPA", will be 'giving it large' in Perth from May 12 to 14th 2011.

These people see a social problem and they pounce on it. Before you know it there will be drugs given to football hooligans or people who express their freedom by protesting.

McGorry was voted Australian of the year in 2010.

Murray was knighted in the 2011 New Year Honours for services to medicine.

Thank you Maam.


Jimmy Barnes - We Could Be Gone (F and W)

You and me are from different tribes
Never learned to talk, so we learned to fight
Communication like water spilled
What we can't take in was lost or killed

We learned to live where we bore each child
Every step we took lost another mile
Came the day we were face to face
Didn't understand so our instincts raced

If we don't get together at all, we lose it
Get to the table and talk, we'll choose it
Forget what's been said before, confusing
Out of the heart of it all our future's born
If we don't look inside our souls, we could be gone

Forty thousand years underneath your belt
Now you have to pray where the white man knelt
You've been ridiculed because of what you felt
Tried to crucify you, but you fought like hell

The dreams that lead your every move
Full of stories you could never prove
If god is part of the written word
There are stories that your god ain't heard

If we don't get together at all, we lose it
Get to the table and talk, we'll choose it
Forget what's been said before, confusing
Out of the heart of it all our future's born
If we don't look inside our souls, we could be gone




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