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Friday, May 20, 2011

70% Rise in "ADHD" Type Drugs in UK

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The Daily Mail is reporting that the number of prescriptions for children with ADHD like "disorders" has risen by a massive 70% in the past five years.

A staggering 12,000 prescriptions are written out weekly for "mental disorders" that, in essence, are based purely on theory.

The types of drugs used for these theoretical disorders include Ritalin and Concerta.

"Department of Health figures", writes Sophie Borland, "show last year 661,500 prescriptions were written out for Ritalin and similar drugs such as Concerta – up from 382,000 in 2005.

"Most will have been handed out to those under the age of 19 diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactive disorder, with symptoms including an inability to concentrate and restless or impulsive behaviour."

Hey ho everybody. Here's the deal.

You go up against a pharmaceutical company and you ask them to provide evidence that their drugs are safe and effective in children, they hum and har before releasing data that shows you the opposite. Naughty pharma are then told "not to do it again" by our wonderful drugs regulator the MHRA. Not criminal because those clever pharma execs saw a loophole in the EU law.

Sales of the particular group of drugs plummet as more and more docs read about the dangers. So, pharma try another angle. Label the kids with a disorder and then manage that disorder with a product... their product.


You are being hoodwinked into believing your child has a disorder, a disorder that just happened to manifest itself during a meeting of psychiatrists, whom are all on he payroll of the pharmaceutical industry.

WORLD WARS I & II saw much sadness, death brought mourning, war brought poverty, but hey, guess what? No pills were around back then to make Johnny Smith forget about the death of his father on some battlefield in northern France nor were they around when Lucy Jones would cry because she was mourning the death of her pet cat who was found in the rubble of her bombed parents house.

We are fast becoming a nation of citizens who are being dumbed-down by psychiatric drugs, if not us, then our children.

12,000 prescriptions per week for brain altering drugs, so we, as parents, can let the pharmaceutical industry babysit our children because we cannot be bothered anymore!

Don't expect any input from your medicine regulator folks, unless you want to hear the "benefits outweigh the risks" line.

Over 30 years ago I was sitting in a classroom, flicking paper clips with an elastic band, hey, I was known to stick a drawing pin on someones chair...just for a laugh. The majority of us did it - it was part of growing up. Guess what? I even played truant from school, usually skipping the days when religious education was rammed down my throat [no priest jokes please]

"Why hasn't your homework been handed in?"

"Dunno Sir"

"Detention for you Fiddaman!"

What do we have today?

A kid plays truant on a regular basis - label him/her with a psychiatric disorder - Drug him.

Young Billy Jones keeps flicking bogies [US spelling boogers] at passers-by in the corridor - he must be mental - Drug him.

Pretty little Lucy Lovett looks withdrawn and constantly falls to sleep at her desk - she has a disorder - Drug her.

Our government won't tell you about the dangers of these drugs, instead they offer incentives such as an increase in benefits.

We live in a topsy-turvy world people, is this payback for stealing the apple off the tree in the garden of Eden?

C'mon 'God' help us out here because if you don't that figure of 12,000 will soon rise to 20,000 then 50,000 and before you know it children will be a thing of the past, they will be objects sat in a corner dribbling and talking mumbo-jumbo because their brains have been nullified by dangerous chemicals - all in the name of psychiatric labelling.

I hereby sentence the UK to a life of fucked up children who shall never experience human emotion again.


Louis Cypher




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