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Monday, March 30, 2020

Mother Nature (Mother Earth) and the Invaluable Lesson

Mother Nature (sometimes referred to as Mother Earth) has been coughing for years, she needed some respite. She's also witnessed how we have been treating her domain and her creatures of all shapes and sizes. She needed something to stop the pollution, to stop the hunting, to stop the ignorance and selfishness, to stop the fighting. This invisible entity is making us all go back to school, she is teaching us the basics again because we have all forgotten

Animals have had to change their habits. Think about the wild animals that come into towns and cities in search of food that we, as humans, discard in an almost blase fashion. Rats, foxes in the UK, coyotes, bears in Canada and the US have had very little to scavenge during the lockdown. Birds have less bread to eat as it has, overnight it seems, become a currency. Mosquitos have had less blood to drink too. With less fishing, those gilled wonders will multiply, almost like a preparation for a fish feast for us all when this crisis has subsided. Mother Nature's offering to us by way of an apology for having to make us sit up and take notice.

She has a unique way of highlighting our failings, a unique way of showing us that those in charge really shouldn't be in charge at all.

She will continue to teach us lessons. Some we will listen to, others we won't, so she will strike again when the time is ready.

Some, mistakingly, refer to her as God.

The following are just some thoughts of mine, some have already been mentioned as possible outcomes but I've not let any other predictions in the way of my own thinking here. As we learn to adapt there will be yet more unscrupulous behaviour at work. The unscrupulous will never change, they can only see dollar signs.

These are just thoughts, they are not some sort of third eye predictions.

Expect more people to eat less meat as we learn more about animal viruses and how they have always existed, also how they can, in the blink of an eye, be passed onto humans. This will have an economical effect on farmers etc

Travel by air
 ~ A stamp in your passport that will confirm that you have had the coronavirus and therefore unlikely to get it again.
~ A stamp in your passport that confirms you have been immunised against the coronavirus with a vaccine. (see vaccines)

Travel, as we know it, has changed forever. Expect longer queues at airports and a huge increase in airfares. Long term, economy travel will probably become a thing of the past as more and more distance between humans is requested, particularly if this virus, or another strain of it, hits us again. Less travel = less pollution

Cruise Ships
May become a thing of the past unless they can figure out why colds, flu-type viruses spread so quickly. Less traffic in our oceans = less polluted waters.

A vaccine will be rushed through and will be available before we know it. The safety of the vaccine will be touted as being safe in small clinical trials with no obvious side effects. The trials will probably run for 6-12 weeks. No raw data will be offered up by drug companies for scrutiny. The vaccine manufacturer/s will be offered indemnity, meaning no lawsuits against them will be allowed should the vaccines cause injury or death to those taking them. The ball has already started rolling on this.

Mental Health
New disorders or sub-types will be created. It will be claimed that many have detachment-type disorders and new phobias. Mourning the loss of loved ones will continue to be deemed as a mental disorder if that mourning process goes beyond two weeks. Psychiatric 'medication' prescriptions will increase as will cases of autoimmune diseases, ironically caused by some of 'medications' prescribed.
Expect a huge promotional push in the field of mental health - we've already seen it during the corona crisis and I expect it to increase after the 'curve' has flattened.

Suicide figures will rise and be blamed on the aftermath of the coronavirus. Any suggestion that the increase in suicides is a result of psychiatric 'medications' will be dismissed - this has been the normal response by 'medical experts' for the past 40 years or so.

Drug Companies
New drugs to prevent any corona-type virus will be created and marketed, they will claim to help slow the process of spreading a virus. Millions will be spent on a huge scaremongering campaign that will result in more people taking substances that they don't really need to take. Cold remedies will be modified, claims of 'Super Extra Strength' versions of existing cold remedies will be heavily promoted.

Expect increases in taxes and expect pension saving schemes to be hard hit too. The governments around the world will need to claw back money they have spent/lost during the corona crisis.

Expect a worldwide ban 10 or 20 years from now. Probably a good thing but it will mean higher taxes on foodstuffs, electrical goods etc. Those suffering nicotine withdrawal will be offered patches or smoking cessation drugs, eg Champix (varenicline) and/or Zyban (bupropion), two drugs associated with suicidal thinking, the latter being an antidepressant.

Bob Fiddaman

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