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Friday, January 20, 2012



An article, written by Katy Dowell, appeared on on January 9 2012 that made reference to the current UK Seroxat litigation. Because of legalities I cannot discuss certain aspects of proceedings as they are at a delicate stage at this moment in time.

I can, however, state that the article is based on supposition and, is in fact, wrong.

Katy Dowell writes that a source [lawyer] close to the case informed her that legal aid has been withdrawn from the case. This is untrue.

The public funding certificate [previously known as legal aid] has never been removed from this case.

In October, 2010 the solicitors in charge of the case considered there was insufficient evidence to proceed and advised the litigants to discontinue their claims. Approximately two thirds of the litigants followed this advice. I, along with others, decided to continue the case, despite being told that we may be liable for costs.

A meeting with the Legal Services Commission's Special Committee Review Panel was convened and a barrister and claimant in the Seroxat litigation, along with myself and others, presented evidence as to why we felt the funding should be continued. At no point was the funding discontinued, the meeting with the Legal Services Comission was to decide whether or not it should be.

The Legal Services Commission's Committee considered there was merit in the case, increased the given assessment of prospects of success and agreed that a full review of the evidence should occur.

We are now at the stage where we have presented the Legal Services Commission with evidences to extend further the funding for the Seroxat litigation and we are currently awaiting their decision.

The Seroxat Users’ Group will keep litigants updated and can also be contacted via email

It would be unethical of me at this stage to comment further on matters related to the Seroxat litigation. I have already been contacted by the media and have told them that I cannot comment. My stance still remains the same.

A statement will appear on the Seroxat User Group page in due course.

The editor of The Lawyer has been contacted but, as yet, has not responded.

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