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Monday, February 18, 2013

The GSK Anti-Bribery and Corruption Programme

So, the GlaxoSmithKline Facebook page tweaked my interest earlier. Well, it was more of a comment left that tweaked my interest than the 'cover us in garlands' type posts Glaxo add to their page on a nauseating frequent basis.

Here's the comment, it appears that this is one of two things. True or false

Am sorry to inform you that one of your representatives is colluding with fake drugs here in Mombasa, his name is Jonathan wepukhulu. he is my cousin I stay with and he has been doing this for 7 months now. my complain here is that he takes me at night to go and package the drugs, recently these drugs were sold out and they brought complains even some of his clients died in samburu. he pretends to be running a cleaning company yet the yard where those containers are for drugs from india. he goes there daily to package and sell in the name of gsk, kindly assist this is a serious issue and i dont want to continue seeing this with my cousin. Schlumberger is the area he claims to be doing cleaning yet he has this on the ground. faking drugs, about 15 containers are full of drugs and he was planning to move them to a different location please dont mention me in this its just a secret.

Here's the screenshot [fig 1]

fig 1

I checked out the alleged dirty deedster, Jonathan Wepukhulu, to see if he was, indeed, a GlaxoSmithKline rep. Turns out he is [fig 2]

Anyway, alleged corruption aside, I went to to download the latest in rib-tickling comedy, namely Glaxo's Anti Corruption Booklet. One has to laugh at the thought of some hired PR guru putting this booklet together. I don't think for one minute that Glaxo boss, CEO, Andrew Witty crafted the wording in this particular public relations pamphlet that is, to be brutally honest, side-splittingly funny. So funny that it puts the Monty Python team to shame.

Here's what Glaxo are telling their staff... we kick off with a message from former Zyban/Wellbutrin team player and now CEO, Andrew Witty:

Click to enlarge

If you haven't wet yourself laughing yet, there's more...

Click to enlarge

GSK, will have you in a complete state of apoplexy upon reading the following advice given to employees if they witness misconduct and corruption:

Click to enlarge
This propaganda is, of course, available on the GSK website, available for the public to see how Glaxo are so against fraud, corruption and any form of misconduct. It was written in 2010, a time when GSK lawyers were negotiating a deal with the Department of Justice. A deal that saw a plea of guilty and a fine of $3 billion in July 2012... just two years after the GSK Anti-Bribery and Corruption Programme was printed in pamphlet form.

The DSM should be able to explain why Glaxo are in denial.



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