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Monday, February 11, 2013

UK Seroxat Litigation - Take 2

Many readers will know of the ongoing lawsuit against GSK in the UK. The group action claims that Seroxat, GSK's antidepressant, caused withdrawal difficulties in a number of people taking it. This the Company has now admitted through its Patient Information Leaflets.

What isn't known by many, Hugh James of Cardiff, wrote to litigants roughly about two years ago urging them to discontinue the case against GSK.  Myself and many others disagreed and, behind the scenes, we have sought advice and other representation.

With the assistance of the Legal Services Commission (LSC) – the funding agency, we now seem to be heading back on track. The LSC have never pulled funding for this litigation but have re-examined its merit especially with fewer people remaining in the group action after Hugh James’ advice to discontinue.

All remaining litigants need to sign up with new lawyers and legal counsel in the case.

Sarah-Jane Richards who worked on this litigation with Hugh James from the outset and considered the case should not have stalled, is in discussion with the LSC together with the law firm Secure Law.  Letters have been sent out from former solicitors, Hugh James advising that anyone receiving its letter should contact Sarah at the email address provided by Hugh James.

Anyone who has received a letter from Hugh James is urged to contact Sarah-Jane as soon as possible. If you discontinued on legal advice from Hugh James get in touch or if you didn't agree to discontinue but your name was removed from the register please get in touch.

If you have not received a letter yet then you may contact me via the contact tab at the top of this blog and I'll pass on your email to Sarah-Jane.

I've a lot to say about this case.  More coming soon.....

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