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Friday, September 20, 2013

A Psychiatrist, a 3 Year-Old and Psychotropic Drugs

Owen Osamogie Osagie

Psychiatrist Owen Osamogie Osagie,  from Rosenberg in Texas, was, last year disciplined by the Texas Medical Board.

The basis for action was Dr. Osagie’s failure to meet the standard of care in his prescribing to one 3-year-old foster care patient.

According to the Texas Medical Board, Dr. Osagie prescribed Clonidine to Rachel in excess of the dosing guidelines, while simultaneously increasing her dose of Risperdal, then failed to properly monitor the little girl.

"There's paperwork saying she was screaming for mommy and daddy," Rachel's mother said.

"And the easiest way to handle her acting up was to medicate her," said Rachel's father.

The following video is another example of these utter lunatics who feel medicating children is the answer to control their apparent mental disorder.

Child abuse?

The video is pretty disturbing. If you think this is an isolated incident then think again. This is happening to children everywhere, adults too. Let's not forget that.

Osagie, 60, continues to practice and is currently employed by Texana Mental Health Services, 4910 Airport Ave Suite A, Rosenberg, TX 77471.

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