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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Shout Out For The Truthman

Since I've been blogging [started in 2006] I've seen bloggers come and go. I've witnessed blogs being removed because the authors...well, they just get too frightened.

Going up against the likes of pharmaceutical companies like GlaxoSmithKline can give people the jitters [Seroxat can be prescribed for that]

One blogger who has stood the test of time is The Truthman.

His blog, brilliantly named, GSK : Licence To (K)ill, is a wealth of information. He, like me, has a pop at GSK, in particular their management, namely Andrew "All Part of an Era" Witty and his predecessor JP "Monty Burns" Garnier.

If you wish to know the origins of Glaxo's addictive Seroxat then GSK : Licence To (K)ill is the place to visit. One look at the categories section and you will see just how far The Truthman has researched Glaxo's not so wonderful drug.

For convenience, I'll list Truthman's efforts to get the truth out to the public.

Seroxat Link 1 : Hypnotic Narcotic

Seroxat Link 2 : Origins : NeuroSearch

Seroxat Link 3 : The Yugoslavia Trials

Seroxat Link 4 : 1991 : Seroxat Holocaust

Seroxat Link 5 : 1998 – Seroxat Holocaust

The Truthman has a further 5 'Seroxat links' that will tell you all you need to know about this vile drug that has been the cause of so many thousands suffering its propensity to cause horrific side effects, inducement of suicide and birth defects.

I met The Truthman last year, I'm hoping to meet him again... sometime very soon.

The Guinness is on me brother because just like the dark stuff, you sir, are pure genius.

I salute you.

Bob Fiddaman

GSK : Licence To (K)ill

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