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Friday, January 17, 2014


Well, I made it.

My hits went over the one million mark a short while ago. My original Blogger counter went from 999,999 to 100,000 at around 11.30am UK time. I think Blogger counters only have 6 digits so I've just installed a new counter.

A few thanks must go out to the following...

Dad - His sense of pride in me has kept my feet firmly on the ground. - I salute you

Mom - You passed on that old Irish stubbornness, I hope you are still throwing those bricks. - I salute you

My sisters, Deb and Jan. There may have been times when I've appeared frustrated and distant. Thanks for standing by me and showing your support.

My boys - Danny, Marc and Gary - Collectively you are alive in me. Part of you all has become the writer.

Benn - My four-legged friend, thank you for the walks and the company when I was mulling things over. - I salute you

CCHR International, UK, and Canada - These guys rock and they honoured me a few years back with a couple of awards. I met people because of them. I travelled because of them. I learned that this wasn't just about Seroxat and withdrawal. It was about many other antidepressant type medications. Marla, Jan, Lori, Margaret, Sue & Brian, for showing me how to flourish as a writer, as a human. CCHR still rock, they still honour the men and women on the street, normal people, like you and me. - I salute you

Rob Robinson - The Godfather of Paxil activists. You kicked some serious ass my friend. Thank you. - I salute you

David Healy - An inspiration and not a maverick. - I salute you

Shelley Jofre - The BBC's own ankle-biter who has investigated GSK, the MHRA and Seroxat on four separate occasions. She kept the fire going in my belly. - I salute you

Neil and Rhonda Carlin - Parents of Sara, who tragically killed herself whilst on Paxil. Your friendship has kept me going, your belief in me has kept me strong. - I salute you

Baum, Hedlund, Aristei & Goldman - Top US Attorneys with a great track record against GlaxoSmithKline. I will live forever in your debt. Gary, Rob, Ash, Foz, Mo, Peggy, Liz, Twyla, Michael, Leemon, Cindy - I salute you

The Dixie Chicks, without whom I wouldn't be here. They, unknowingly, helped me through severe Seroxat withdrawal. - I salute you

Sarah-Jane Richards - For the many chats over the phone, for giving me hope, for showing me what tenacity and doggedness are all about. - I salute you

Evelyn Pringle - Investigative journalist who had a real influence on me with her work on the early Paxil cases. - I salute you

Stuart and the late Claudette Jones - A Christmas present every year, you never forgot. Much love to you both. - I salute you

Chipmunka Publishing - For having the balls to publish my book. - I salute you

To all bloggers past and present - you have all been part of my journey. - I salute you

GlaxoSmithKline and their Attorneys - For spectacularly giving me stories to write. As long as you keep messing up, I'll keep writing. - Middle finger salute to you

There are many, many more people I'd like to thank, the list is endless, you all know who you are. - I salute you

A huge thank you to you, the readers. Thank you for your support over the past 8 years. Thank you for coming back time and time again. - I salute you

This post is dedicated to every single man, woman and child [including fetuses] who have lost their lives because of the side effects of SSRi medication. - I salute you.

I salute you all.

The year ahead is looking pretty damn good. Time to stretch those legs.

Bob Fiddaman

Coming soon - A 17 page blog post - Ryan, Glaxo's "Non-Viable" Fetus


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