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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

AC/DC - The Band Plays On

Regular readers and friends of mine will know that I am a huge fan of AC/DC.

Rumours were abound on Tuesday that they were retiring due to a band member falling ill.

It's probably the worst kept secret in rock n' roll. Malcolm, AC/DC's founding member and rhythm guitarist, has been ill for some time. Most hardcore fans have known this, most, if not all, have remained quiet out of respect for the guy.

AC/DC were due in the studio later next month to start on a new album, it's unknown if they will be pressing ahead with the new album next month but they are going to continue making music according to their press release via the AC/DC Facebook page...

"After forty years of life dedicated to AC/DC, guitarist and founding member Malcolm Young is taking a break from the band due to ill health. Malcolm would like to thank the group’s diehard legions of fans worldwide for their never-ending love and support.
"In light of this news, AC/DC asks that Malcolm and his family’s privacy be respected during this time. The band will continue to make music."

It's pretty hard to describe my love for this band. I first heard them in 1978, I'd previously been listening to glam rock bands such as Mud, The Sweet and Slade...then I heard AC/DC and my leg took on a life of its own.

Since that point I've seen them on every tour, purchased every album, video and DVD [and bootlegs].

Safe to say, they are part of my life.

As guitarists go, Malcolm Young is probably one of the finest guitarists to ever walk the earth. It's all about timing and Malcolm has the art perfected.

So, I write about the pharmaceutical industry, drug regulators, psychiatrists and antidepressants, very dark subject matter particularly when it involves dead children.

I've escaped from those dark places many times. AC/DC bring the much needed light into my life.

I've paid my respects to Bon, AC/DC's former vocalist, when I visited his resting place in Freemantle, Perth, W. Australia, a few years ago.

I'll pay my respects to Malcolm by respecting his privacy.

You are, without a doubt, the Pele of rhythm guitarists.

I salute you.

Bob Fiddaman

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