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Thursday, April 03, 2014

Fort Hood Shooter - The 'Mental Illness' Excuse

34 year-old Ivan Lopez has been named as the gunman who shot and killed 3 people whilst injuring 16 before turning the pistol on himself at an army base in Fort Hood, TX.

Pro and anti gun lobbyists are actively debating on the social media networks as are the pro and anti medication lobbyists.

Reports are suggesting that Lopez was undergoing treatment for psychological and 'psychiatric problems' and that he was being treated for depression and anxiety. He'd previously been on tour to Iraq although, sources from within the army, suggested that he was not injured...ergo no head injuries.

Mainstream media are throwing around the two words that is music to the ears of the pharmaceutical industry and much of the field of psychiatry - "Mental Illness".

It's important to look at what those two words mean individually.

1. Mental - relating to the mind.

2. Illness - a disease or period of sickness.

If we combine the two words we get Mental Illness - a condition which causes serious disorder in a person's behaviour or thinking.

For years pharmaceutical companies and psychiatrists have been trying to prove that a mental illness manifests inside the brain but that is not what the definitions above tell us.

What the pharmaceutical industry and psychiatry has done here is make us all believe that the mind and brain are the same.

3. Mind -  the faculty of consciousness and thought.

4. Brain - an organ of soft nervous tissue contained in the skull of vertebrates, functioning as the coordinating centre of sensation and intellectual and nervous activity.

Key word here is 'organ'.

Any organ can fail and be treated, the liver, kidneys, the heart...even the brain. But here's the rub... Pharmaceutical companies and psychiatry have, for many years, being duping the public. Where we can visibly see [via modern technology] diseases of the liver, heart and kidneys, we have yet to see an actual "mental disease" of the brain.

It's simple really - I'm a former postman and door hanger at Land Rover and if I can spot the discrepancies then anyone can.

The brain is an organ, the mind is not.

Millions of prescriptions for mind altering drugs are written every day. What exactly is being treated?


The white-coated mob are actually writing a prescription for an illness that exists in an organ that doesn't exist at all.

Remember, they are treating the mind and not the brain...two completely different things.

They will argue that it's the brain that gives you thoughts, I cannot debate that as it is true. But it's the brain that also tells us that we have pain in our toe, [gout] or we have pain causing rectal bleeding [stomach cancer]... in fact our brain tells us a whole host of things. Gout and stomach cancer are just two examples - we can see both by using x-rays, MRI Imaging or blood samples. We can't see 'mental illness' through any of these methods, nor would we attempt to scan the brain if someone had gout.

Prescriptions for powerful drugs are prescribed for thoughts of the mind - you cannot touch thoughts, you cannot see them [only if you are having them yourself].

A thought is the action or process of thinking - yet for decades modern medicine has been treating a 'thought' as if it were an organ.

To try and simplify matters here's an analogy.

The words I speak can be heard, they can be recorded and written down but they cannot be treated. No psychiatrist can catch my words, put them in a special container then treat them....yet this is what they claim they can do with mental illness - treat thoughts. It's absurd, it's the biggest confidence trick we have ever known and we have, largely, fallen for it.

So, when I see the media reports suggesting that the Fort Hood Shooter, Ivan Lopez, had a mental illness I refer to 1,2,3 and 4 [above]

Lopez, like so many other shooters [including children] was on medication... his thoughts were being treated. Chemicals, foreign to his natural brain chemicals, were being pumped into him on a daily basis...they had nowhere else to go because the thoughts that these chemicals are supposed to target just don't exist, they are not a mass, an organ, they are invisible, they are an action that leads to a process...

...and we fell for it.

Hook, line and sinker.

Regarding the situation with the military and the PTSD [another apparent thought disease treated with powerful drugs] that so many soldiers have been diagnosed with, here's something to watch. It's a video recently released by the Citizen's Commission on Human Rights [CCHR].

Now, there will be many [normally the pro-pill brigade] that will claim that the CCHR are nothing but a bunch of Scientologists with a hidden agenda. I kind of laugh when I hear this tried [and tired] and tested argument, it's been thrown around for years. To those who spew these kind of arguments I have this to say. If it were the agenda of the CCHR to convert everyone to Scientology then why don't they just come out and do that? Why create videos about the dangers of drugs when their agenda is to convert us all to Scientology?

It makes no sense whatsoever to attack a human rights movement who are standing up for human rights. It's about as logical as suggesting that thoughts can be targeted and treated by pharmaceutical drugs.

Here's the feature length documentary, The Hidden Enemy Psychiatry.

Bob Fiddaman

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