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Monday, June 30, 2014

GSK's Private Investigator [The Video]

GSK's Mark Reilly

The Chinese website that hosted the video of  Peter Humphrey's arrest doesn't seem to be hosting the video anymore but I've managed to obtain a copy of it.

Humphrey was hired by GSK's Mark Reilly [above] to investigate Vivian Shi, the company's head of government affairs, as it was thought that she was behind a series of emails sent to GSK executives [including Andrew Witty]

An email was also sent which contained an attachment video of Mark Reilly having sex [see back story]

It's alleged that Humphrey was never told about the emails or video sent to GSK execs, he was just told to investigate Vivian Shi.

According to Jim Edwards over at Business Insider, "Inside GSK, management suspected that Vivian Shi, the company's head of government affairs, sent the emails. There was no evidence, but GSK investigated her travel expenses and eventually she left the company sometime after October 2012 along with her boss, John Lepore, who joined media group Reed Elsevier as head global government affairs. (There are no allegations of wrongdoing against Lepore or Shi."

Business Insider also reports that Humphrey's didn't know about the emails and video during his initial investigation of Shi but was told at a later date about them.
On July 10, 2013 Humphrey and his Chinese-American wife were arrested by Chinese officials and have been held in detention ever since.

One month later Humphrey made a confession on Chinese TV to accessing private information on Chinese citizens illegally. It's unknown if his arrest has anything to do with the bribery allegations made about GSK.

Here's Humphrey on Chinese TV.

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